Baby hair, how to care for it

Baby hair, how to care for it

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Newborn baby hair: how to wash and dry babies' hair. Here are some useful tips and recommendations for taking care of our little one's hair.

Each newborn has a different hair; there are those who are born completely bald, those with thick and dark hair or those who perhaps have strange tufts on their heads. Taking care of a newborn's hair is something that puts a lot of strain on many new parents! In any case, the baby's head must be treated with great care and delicacy, which is why on this page we want to suggest some very useful tips to take care of your little one's hair correctly.

Baby hair, care

In the first two weeks of a baby's life, bathing him and then washing his hair is out of the question; until the umbilical cord falls out and the wound heals, the baby could get a nasty infection while bathing. But once this step has been passed, we can take care of the baby's hair

The baby's hair is very delicate as is his whole body. When a little one takes a bath, you have to pay close attention to cleaning the hair since the head is very delicate in the first weeks and months of life.

How to wash your baby's hair

The baby's hair should be washed during the bath; just keep the head slightly tilted back to prevent water and possibly the detergent from getting into the eyes. To wet the hair well without immersing the head, you can use a plastic cup, preferably with a handle

  • If the little one has no hair, just wash the head with the soapy water from the bath with gentle circular movements. Then proceed to rinsing by pouring, with the help of the cup, non-soapy water to remove all detergent residues.
  • If the baby already has some hair, just apply a very small amount of specific cleanser, make light circular movements and rinse

You can also avoid using shampoo for at least 4 months since their fine hair can be cleaned even with just warm water. Shampoo is not prohibited; the important thing is that it is specific for children, with a neutral pH and composed of natural elements! In general, baby hygiene care products are "2 in 1", that is, shower gel and shampoo together.

How to dry your baby's hair

You have to be very careful; do not forget that the baby's head is very delicate. After washing your hair, pat the baby's head very gently with a soft washcloth or small cotton towel.

It would be advisable to avoid using a hairdryer as it can overheat the baby's head or scare him with noise: if you really don't want to or can do without it, (it's winter or maybe he has thick hair) here are some considerations to keep in mind

  • Use the hairdryer at a safe distance from your head
  • Be careful not to point it in his face or eyes
  • Use the lowest power with warm air

Baby hair care, recommendations

Pay attention to the right products

The bath routine must also include washing the hair and scalp; it is preferable to do this every two or three days. To avoid allergies, redness or itching it is essential to use suitable products; natural shampoo or gel with neutral pH

Beware of the milk crust

If you have this phenomenon, (we are talking about a disorder common to many newborns that can last up to 3 years of age) it is preferable to avoid too frequent washing in order not to worsen the inflammation. The use of a neutral shampoo with physiological pH should be reiterated

After bathing, it is advisable to soften the scalp using vegetable oil (almond or olive oil) and a specific comb to gently remove the scales.

Pay attention to the fontanel

Never forget to be very delicate with the baby's head because of the fontanel, that area that remains "soft" and that closes definitively around 18 months.

Be careful what you put on your head

Avoid the use of clips, elastic bands or caps
Many mothers love to embellish their little one's hair with accessories. It is best to wait for the baby's hair and scalp to grow strong and healthy enough. Another recommendation is not to tie your hair when it is still damp. Avoid wearing a hat or hat to your little one if their hair is still damp.

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