Ceiling fan: which one to choose

Ceiling fan: which one to choose

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Ceiling fan: which one to chooseand what to consider if you want to buy chandeliers with blades to cool the house and ensure good air exchange.

For many, theceiling fanis nowto forget, an accessory used in the past that today can no longer find space in the home ... Nothing more wrong! Even in the era of air conditioners, theceiling fan can have his ownWhy.

Ceiling fan: which one to choose?

Over the years, engineers have tried to improve the effectiveness and performance ofceiling fansboth in terms ofnoise producedboth in terms ofenergy consumption. Here are the first factors to consider if you are considering buying a ceiling fan:

  • Consumption of the appliance
  • Noisiness
  • Possibility to adjust the speed of the rotary movement

In commerce they are foundceiling fanswith different number of blades. More attention must be paid not so much to the number of blades (how many blades) but to their length!

For rooms up to 20 square meters, it's finechoose a ceiling fanwith 100 cm long blades. For larger rooms such as a dining room or a rumpus room, it would be better to orient thechoiceon 140 cm long blades.

The fan should be installed in the center of the room, even better if close to an opening hatch to improve the air flow.

Last but not least, the brightness of theceiling fan with light. If the fan is to be installed in place of the chandelier and has an integrated LED, remember to ask for the lumens, that is "how bright is it".

Having clarified the features to check before purchasing, let's now see when this accessory is really needed.

When do you need a ceiling fan?

When is a ceiling fan?
If your home is well insulated and with the cooling system it easily reaches the ideal temperature, you don't need aceiling fan. Its installation, in fact, is useful in those environments where aoxygen exchange, in order to move the stale air ... particularly useful in those rooms with poor ventilation or even with blind walls, without windows and openings.

Does it really cool?

The movement of air helps to lower body temperature by improving thermogenesis. In practice, theceiling fan bladesthey do what you do in the morning when you have coffee ... Do you know why you blow on coffee? To cool it down, right? In reality, it is not your breath that lowers the temperature of the coffee ... but by blowing you move the hot air, so the coffee comes into contact with colder air, facilitating thermodynamic exchanges. Here, this is what the movement of air activated by thecooling fando it with your body: it sweeps away the hot air so that your body can always come into contact with the lowest temperature air.

An environment that is too hot, such as an attic, would not be able to take advantage of the ceiling fan alone. Rooms that have too high a roof are also contraindicated.

Loud ceiling fan

Anoisy ceiling fanit is a recurring problem. The reason? The rotational movement of the blades. The motor of the ceiling fans is designed to guarantee millions and millions of rotations, however it is accompanied by easily worn parts. In thecheap ceiling fans, the rotational movement is supported by bearings that can easily wear out. In this case, the fan continues to run but becomes noisy because worn bearings cause more friction.

If you have anoisy ceiling fan you would do well to consider changing it because thenoisenot only bothers your hearing but, by increasing friction, the play of the blades increases eelectricity consumption on the bill also increased.

At the time of purchase, it is important to ask for the duration of the warranty on the mechanical parts and, in general, on the engine, so as to inquire if replacement is expected in the event of wear of the bearings ... noisy ceiling fanonly a short time after its purchase!

Ceiling fan with light and remote control

The cheaper models are equipped with an ignition chain with which you can adjust the speed and turn the light on and off. Yes, since iceiling fansthey must be installed in the center of the room, they take away the scene and space from the chandelier. They are now on the marketceiling fans with lightintegrated led or with E27 bulb attachment.

In case of attack, you can choose a very strong light, opting for 2000 or even 3000 lumen led bulbs in order to guarantee a good amount of light in the rooms intended for reading or in the kitchen.

Note: the ceiling fan works well with a system for forced ventilation of the premises or in environments that make the most of natural ventilation to cool the environment.

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