Magnificent Medinilla, information and care

Magnificent Medinilla, information and care

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Magnificent Medinilla: cures, price and advice for reproduction by cuttings. What to do if the plant loses leaves or does not bloom. Useful tips for its maintenance.

There Magnificent Medinilla it is a plant of tropical origin, it is appreciated for its large leaves and especially for its pendulous flowers. It is a still little known houseplant, it needs a fewcareand is able to give great satisfaction.

It is native to the Philippines, belongs to the Melastomataceae family and is onealways green plantso named in honor of the governor of the Mariana Islands, Josè Medinilla de Pineda, who was the first to observe it.

With thecaresuitable can reach up to one meter in height with a diameter of about 60 cm. Thepriceof this plant can fluctuate a lot according to the seller and also in relation to the variety. A variety is widespreaddwarfwhich hardly reaches 30 cm in height. Where to buy it? At the most well-stocked nurseries, from ikea or using the online purchase.


Satisfaction comes with iflowers: flowering begins in late spring and continues until summer, around June-July. The plant does not needpruning, the only onecarerequest, from this point of view, involves the removal of dried flowers.

When the inflorescences have wilted, cut them off! This will allow you to always have abundant blooms. The cut of dried flowers should be performed leaving a short portion of the stem that bears the inflorescence.

Magnificent Medinilla: cures

The plant should be grown indoors and can only be moved outside in late spring, when temperatures are permanently above 18 ° C. Incultivate the magnificent medinillaremember that it is onetropical plant, loves heat and humidity!

Thecareessential, therefore, provide for placing the plant in an environment with a temperate climate and a good level of humidity. Away from air conditioners or radiators that can causeleaf falland rapid decay. If the plant loses leaves, it is better to vaporize it with distilled water, this phenomenon can occur when themedinillait is kept in a too dry environment.

Among the otherscareessential:

  • The plant needs light but must not be exposed to direct sunlight.
  • Watering must be periodic, there is no precise rule because a lot depends on the humidity of your home, check the soil and irrigate when the surface layers are dry.
  • The plant should be watered regularly even in winter, due to the heat of your heating system, you will need to ensure the plant at least one irrigation per week, even if the plant is at rest.
  • At the vegetative restart, in spring, add a good liquid fertilizer for flowering plants.

With these simple rules, you will have secured themedinilla magnificent careit needs.

Medinilla magnifica: dry leaves

Leaves are a good indicator of health for plants. If the medinilla sheds leaves, check that it has the right amount of light and humidity. If the leaves are dry and fall off prematurely, it could also be a nutritional deficiency.

In these cases, it is good to work the first layers of soil and integrate a slow-release granular fertilizer. The plant grows well in universal soil mixed with a few handfuls of sand (so as to make the substrate more draining). The draining soil does not keep nutrients for a long time, which is why adding a granular fertilizer, capable of supporting the plant in the long term, may be the right choice.

Excess water can also cause leaf problems. In this case, check the bottom of the pot: if you notice a stagnation of water, clean the saucer and let it dry completely before watering again. Stagnant water can be fatal for plants.


Reproduction by cuttings is very widespread due to the multiplication of this plant. The cutting ofmedinillait is done at the end of summer, when the plant is not blooming and is preparing for the autumn vegetative rest.

How to reproduce the plant by cuttings?
Take a terminal portion of a branch (the cutting). The cutting must be about 10 cm long and equipped with a couple of leaves. Root thecuttingin a pot with universal soil (always mixed with sand) that you will need to keep moist. The cutting must be buried for 3 cm of the base and kept in a bright place where the temperature never drops below 18 ° C.

Photo from the book: Medinilla magnifica best in a hanging basket.

Video: Medinilla Myriantha (July 2022).


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