Va 'Sentiero: the adventure of three young people on the Sentiero Italia, the longest trekking in the world

Va 'Sentiero: the adventure of three young people on the Sentiero Italia, the longest trekking in the world

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A walk of 6,880 km, which will cross all the mountain ridges of Italy, from North to South. The protagonists of this adventure lasting about a year will be three boys, creators of the project Go Path. An expedition along the longest red thread in the world, the Path Italy, to discover the mountains and their people, promoting the uniqueness of these places through the network and social networks.

A collective journey, open to anyone who wishes to join, in order to witness firsthand the centrality of the mountain and a sustainable approach to it.

Creators of the Va ’Sentiero project as well as protagonists of the long trek, Yuri Basilicò, Sara Furlanetto is Giacomo Riccobono. Three young people in love with the Italian mountains and the treasures that these territories hold. Wealth that ranges from scenic beauty to culture, from art to gastronomy. A precious heritage that is often little known or, at worst, forgotten.

The Italian Path

The Italian Path runs along the entire Apennine ridge, including the islands, and on the southern side of the Alps, touching all 20 regions of the peninsula, from Friuli Venezia Giulia to Sardinia, and over 350 mountain villages. Conceived in 1983 by a group of hiking journalists, then gathered in theItalian Path Association, the itinerary was created by CAI in 1990, thanks to the contribution of its sections, which identified the route, the signs and the various stages. In the following years, the path was forgotten. But in January 2018, the Italian Alpine Club has announced its complete restoration and, thanks to the immense work of hundreds of CAI volunteers, the Sentiero Italia will be reopened in spring 2019.

The Va ’Sentiero project

Thanks to our trip, we want to make the Italian Path known especially to our peers, all over the world, and to give voice to the high lands, wonderful places yet often forgotten, depopulated, abandoned to themselves. 2019 is theNational Year of Slow Tourism: the right moment!”, Explains Yuri Basilicò.

Yuri Basilicò, Sara Furlanetto and Giacomo Riccobono - Image by Sara Furlanetto

The boys' journey will start on May 1st. Yuri, Sara and Giacomo will travel the entire Italy Path on foot. Theirs, however, is not a sporting enterprise, but a social initiative, based on the values ​​of sharing and inclusiveness. The three young people will in fact tell their experience online and on social media, opening a window on Italian highlands: nature, landscapes, traditions, faces, crafts, dialects, dishes.

Sharing will be not only digital but also physical: Va ’Sentiero is a’collective experimental experience, open to anyone who wants to join along the way even for just one stage, giving voice to the narration of the route.

The expedition will also be told by the Italian Touring Club, who will post regular updates on their site, and from Radio Francigena, which will broadcast weekly reports.

Along the way, various high-altitude events are also planned: with the support of some shelters, some artistic performances will be carried out inside a geodesic tent, followed by astronomical observation of the celestial vault under the guidance of a scientific popularizer.

At the end of the trip, a photographic book will be published that will tell the encounters made along the path.

Va ’Sentiero has received numerous consents and patronages, including that of Ministry of the Environment, of many Regions and many national associations. The first body to believe in the initiative, however, was the Italian Touring Club.

Our dream is that our project is the seed for a positive change in the approach of young people to the Italian mountains”, Explains Giacomo Riccobono.

For our part, we hope that this experience will really leave its mark on the new generations and beyond.

[Cover image by Sara Furlanetto]

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