Stones in balance with land art

Stones in balance with land art

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There are works of art that leave us speechless for their beauty, while others, like the stones in balance, because they truly defy the laws of nature, in this case those of physics. The most suspicious believe that they are stones glued or held together with some strange chemical trick, but the only trick there is is called gravity. When it comes to balanced stones, it's all one a question of balance, sometimes we even get to create sculptures that resist a long time, even if subjected to bad weather.

Stones in balance: description

These stone creations are a form of original artistic expression and officially recognized. These are compositions made with stones that are in fact technically balanced one on top of the other, challenging the laws of physics and in particular of force of gravity. It is difficult to believe your eyes when you see one of these works of art which very often have a limited duration in time, some last a few minutes, others even several days.

Among the creations with stones in balance artistic expressions such as inukshuk are also included. These are stone constructions used as a reference point by the Inuit, Inupiat, Kalaallit, Yupik and other peoples of the Arctic area of ​​North America.

We can find some examples especially in specific geographical areas, those included betweenAlaska and the Greenland which are areas located beyond the Arctic Circle where there are no natural landmarks. There is a continuous tundra. If we want to get an idea of ​​these works, we can take a look at the flag of the region of Nunavut in Canada which shows a stylized representation. Inukshuk also appeared in the logo for the XXI Winter Olympic Games which took place in Vancouver in 2010, also in Canada.

Stones in balance: meaning

Beyond challenging the laws of nature, what sense can creating works of art like these have? Today it is considered in all respects an artistic performance also called Land Art or Ephemeral art. We could define it as a journey in search of balance, looking for the one between two or more stones in order to find your own. Those who dedicate themselves to this kind of works of art must certainly be able to show patience and humility and to withdraw from the passage of time. While making these completely original sculptures, you are completely immersed in the nature and we concentrate so deeply that we can fully enjoy all the sounds and silence that surrounds us.

Building works with balanced stones is a real thing mental discipline, you can educate yourself to do it, in part, and in this way you can increase your sensitivity by feeling almost “connected” with the stones you handle, in search of a common balance. There is also a international art poster of the stone balance that describes the practice and the sensations, the principles and some techniques that we will soon discover.

Stones in balance: balancers

Balancers are the artists who have chosen this artistic form to express themselves and who are able to create stone figures in balance, also called sculptures. The works are very personal, it is easy to attribute them to one or the other balancer, precisely because a lot depends on the personal artistic sensibility and also from the skill in the search for balance which is certainly not a common talent.

There are currently no Italians among the best known balancers in the world, let's see who they are. There is French Nadine Fourrè, artist who has chosen to focus above all on the search for an aesthetic form, making the balance of the stones interact with the presence of woody material. His works are well recognizable and completely suggestive. Then there is also Bill Dan, an artist living in San Francisco. It is thanks to him that this form of art today is very popular throughout America and also in the rest of the world, he is and remains one of the most famous rock balancing artists.

They also join the group of the best balancers in the world Andy Goldsworthy is John Félice Ceprano. The first is a Scottish artist, a leading exponent of Land art, the second is Canadian and also a photographer, he not only deals with Land Art but also with "simple" painting, continuing with this technique his search for various forms of static and visual balance.

Impossible not to mention also Michael Grab among the balancers, an important artist from Colorado who challenges the impossible by creating sculptures that represent the fusion of man and nature.

Grab is Canadian and also a photographer, since the summer of 2008 he chose to devote himself to this curious and fascinating art during a trekking in Colorado and from that moment on he has always been very productive. It also has a site where we can find immortalized his balance creations which for this artist are the symbol of the ability to maintain a solid point in the midst of the many challenges that life offers us. Changes are faced every day, but you can train yourself to balance in the making.

Stones in balance: techniques

Anyone wishing to dabble in this art should know that there are different types of stones in balance and different techniques to refer to for the creation of these sculptures.

There is that of pure balance in which each rock is balanced on another thanks to a single point of support. A real challenge. There is that of the contrasting balance, called in jargon "Counter balance", In which there are smaller rocks that depend on the weight of the overlying rocks to maintain balance. The technique of stacked stones, "Stacking balance", Instead foresees the presence of rocks placed one on top of the other to form high-height structures. Certainly could not miss the "Free style ", a mix of various techniques, the first and the second, between pure balance and counter balance. In this case the structure can also have arches

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