Ecotourism in the United States

Ecotourism in the United States

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Ecotourism in the United States it means traveling without leaving a mark but bringing with it good memories. It is possible, indeed, it is desirable, and we invite everyone to discover this way of spending their holidays, on tiptoe, having access to extraordinary places in the world with the certainty that they will not be ruined.

L'ecotourism in the United States it is increasing, a bit like in the rest of the world, where awareness of the need to respect the places you visit so that they remain wonderful for future generations as well as for those who live there is growing.

In addition to the big cities, there are also many parks in the United States and that is where most of the ecotourism itineraries take us. Let's find out some route in the most naturalistic states of the country, taking care of how such a form of ecotourism gives us access to places that we could not visit in a different way.

Ecotourism in the United States: Alaska

With over one hundred national and state parks hosting various species of animals at risk of extinction, this state is a true model for ecotourism and a paradise for ecotourists that happen to you. In this area you are lucky enough to be able to admire the sprawling tundra, giant glaciers, very high and even massive mountains, an almost untouched and wild nature that is difficult to find elsewhere. There are also many organized tours, and you can stay in fantastic eco lodges, accommodations where everything works exclusively with alternative energy sources.

Ecotourism in the United States: California

In this state there is the Yosemite, a large and well-known park that protects some of the nation's greatest treasures. Here ecotourism is quite developed and there is a widespread green mentality that sees the adoption of hybrid public transport and other good practices. In Palm Springs, also in California, you can go on interesting ecological excursions to San Andreas Fault, Mystery Canyon and Joshua Tree National Park.

Those who think of this state only for its lively cities and beaches are wrong, those who think that California does not think of green, he is even more wrong. In fact, the trend of ecotourism is developing year after year, which manages to involve even metropolitan destinations becoming urban ecotourism, in San Francisco, for example. It is a very interesting experience, walks and rides on cycle paths, a visit to a conservative aquarium and lunch breaks in restaurants with sustainable food are offered.

Ecotourism in the United States: Colorado

In Colorando there is a wide choice if you want to do ecotourism, ranging from rafting in the river canyons to exploratory trips in the Rocky Mountain National Park. In this area it is easy to find unmissable natural destinations and a beautiful variety of landscapes that will not allow us to get bored. We can also find many attractions and accommodations dedicated to the LEED certification program, with the Denver Museum of Contemporary Art, crowned the nation's first gold-certified museum.

Ecotourism in the United States: Hawaii

In Hawaii, even the simplest seaside activities are offered in an eco-friendly version. I mean activities like surfing, snorkeling, kayaking and scuba diving. This gives the idea of ​​the level of sensitivity that exists in this state where there is a certain tradition regarding respect for the environment, so much so that indigenous people refer to the notion of "Malama aina", which means taking care of the earth.

In this area, one of the most interesting destinations from a naturalistic point of view is the Puuhonua or Honaunau National Historical Park but also the Hawai'i Volcanoes National Park is very interesting. Ecotourism also means tradition, and that of Hawaii is all to be known thanks to the traditional hula or luau festivals.

Ecotourism in the United States: Montana

Here we find two national parks but also the signs of some natural gas drilling carried out in recent years. This does not mean that there is a lack of good practices and examples of ecotourism to benefit from if you happen to be around here. Among all I recommend, in Yellowstone National Park, Xanterra Parks & Resorts which has implemented a recycling program and conservation practices, as well as sourcing sustainable seafood from the local fisherman.

Ecotourism in the United States: Oregon

Those who love walking can only arrive in Oregon, a country of parks full of many paths and trails, including cycle paths for those who prefer to cycle in nature instead of hiking. Among the most interesting ecological attractions are the sustainable vineyard, Amity Vineyards, in which to taste “eco-wines”, and the South Washington eco brewery.

Now that we have made you dream, putting you in a crisis on which state to visit first, from a green and relaxing perspective, we help you understand, at this link, what are the ESTA rules to be sure to plan the best possible trip having all the credentials.

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