Sunflower: meaning

Sunflower: meaning

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Thesunflowerit is the typical flower of summer fields, it can be found in nurseries all year round but on the balcony of the house or in the garden it can only be grown when temperatures rise.

Thesunflowerit offers a delightful country look and is famous for the phenomenon known asheliotropism: its bud always faces the sun. The mature flower, on the other hand, always faces east.

Sunflower: meaning of the flower

Thesunflowerissymbolof joy, sunshine and vivacity. Giving a sunflower as a gift means offering joy and good humor to those who receive it as a gift. It can also emphasize a cheerful and full of life character.

In many cultures, thesunflowernot symbolizes just the liveliness. A secondmeaningit is related to its heliotropism. Just as the bud of the plant always follows the sun, here it isflowerit becomessymbolof admiration and desire.

It is, in general, considered among theflowersfrom themeaningmore positive.Which means the sunflower? In the language of flowers the meaning of this plant is associated:

  • To positivism
  • To vitality
  • To joy
  • To admiration
  • To happiness
  • To energy

It is also used, simply, to wishgood luck.

Anyone with a spiritual bent associates withsunflowera furthermeaning. Since its buds always go towards the sun, the sunflower is also the plant of those in search of the Light, of those who live for the truth without ever abandoning the joy of living. In this context, thesunflowerissymbolof spiritual enlightenment.

Sunflower in Greek mythology

Thelanguage of flowers(floriography) is a code that associates ameaningto each flower. Floriography was born in Victorian England during the nineteenth century. It was in this period that studies began to implement cryptographic communication through the use and association of severalflowers. The legends about flowers, however, are even older. That ofSunflowerdates back to ancient Greece and was also reported in Ovid's epic-mythological poem of 43 BC.

In Greek mythology the origins of thesunflowerthey are due to the nymph Clizia.

Clizia, a nymph of the Ocean, was madly in love with Apollo, God of the Sun. Apollo, however, was infatuated with Leucotoe, daughter of King Orcamo. To seduce the young Leucotoe, Apollo assumed the appearance of the girl's mother and entered her room in the middle of the night.

The nymph Clizia, out of jealousy, decided to tell the incident to King Orcamo (father of Leucotoe) who, in a fit of anger, had his daughter buried alive in a very deep hole. Apollo tried to bring the girl to life but failed, so he sprinkled a perfumed nectar on the earth, from which a incense plant.

The ocean nymph Clizia, repudiated by Apollo and repentant of his gesture, let herself die of hunger and thirst, spending all her time following the path of the chariot of the Sun with her eyes. Consumed by pain and fame, she became a sunflower and continued to turn his gaze to the sun for eternity.

Sunflower: meaning of the term

The scientific name of thesunfloweris "Helianthus annuus ". The meaning of the name comes from the merger of two Greek words:helios which means sun and anthos which means flower.The name refers to the tendency of this flowering plant to always face the sun.

The titlesniffedit refers to its vegetative cycle. The sunflower, in fact, is an annual plant.

Sunflower: flower and plant

The stem, here in Italy, can reach a height of 2 meters. In the countries of origin, where the sunflower finds its natural habitat, the plant reaches a height of 3 - 4 meters.

What is definedflower, it is actually composed of a set of numerous flowers. Thesunflower flower, in botany it is known aspeeking out. Each sunflower plant has a single flower head although there are some common exceptions: plants with 9 flower heads have been observed!

The flower head (what we callsunflower flower) has a diameter of 8 to 15 cm in wild cultivars (spontaneous plants) and of 20 to 50 cm in cultivated plants.

What we callpetalsare the languages ​​related toperipheral flowers, can have a length of up to 10 cm. In the photo above, a head with closed and fully open ligules on the right.

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