Calla: meaning

Calla: meaning

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Therecallait is a flower that can have different meanings and it is also the color that makes the difference.What does the calla meanin the language of flowers? The calla expresses beauty, fertility, good taste and prosperity.

The beauty of this flower is highly appreciated, as is the ease of cultivation. If you are thinking of growing calla lilies in pots or in your garden, you can read our dedicated guide: how to grow calla lilies.

Calla: language of flowers

The boom of thelanguage of flowersit was in the 19th century, when a very rigid code of social conventions was followed to give flowers. The flower given as a gift had to faithfully express a feeling, so that everyone could grasp the real value of the gesture.

In this way, the flowers became vehicles of messages, secret when secretly exchanged between lovers and officers when given on special occasions.

The calla, initially, was a flower linked to eroticism. The spadix evoked phallic forms while the chalice evoked the female genitals.

Calla: meaning

Therecallais a very popular flower, also known aswoman in shirt or lily of the Nile,the most representative shade is pure white.

Therewhite callait is a symbol of marriage, it is the flower associated with the bride and is an auspice of fertility. For this reason, the white calla cannot be missing in the bride's bouquet.

Due to the dense legends narrated around this flower, thecallatakes on a differentmeaningby color.

Therewhite callaissymbol of loyalty, of fertility, of maternal love, of purity and prosperity. That's why it can be a perfect flower to give to a mother as well as the perfect flower to add to the bride's bouquet. The white calla is the symbolic flower of the sixth wedding anniversary or life of a couple.

Therered callaor with red veins, it expresses sensuality and has a strong erotic charge.

The calla with orange or orange streaks, expresses audacity, desire and devotion.

The yellow calla means carefree, youth, friendship and even rebirth.

The pink calla is a symbol of femininity while the purple calla can be used to express a feeling of sadness and pain. The purple streets, in fact, are used as decorations for funeral ceremonies.

Calla: legend and symbolism

According to the legend about the Greek gods, the first calla was born from the drops of mother's milk that fell on the Earth from the breast of the goddess Hera. Era, in Greek religion, was one of the most important divinities: protector of marriage, goddess of conjugal fidelity and childbirth, considered the ruler of Olympus.

The drops of mother's milk, in contact with the earth, gave life to the firstcalla, while the same mother's milk, sprinkled in the sky, gave birth to the famousMilky Way.

The legend about the birth of the calla is much more dense than that. In reality, those drops of milk fell to the ground as a result of a betrayal. That's why thecallait's such a controversial flower.

Zeus had an illegitimate child with a mortal. He wanted that illegitimate son to lose his divine part so he stole it but to leave him alive he took him to Hera. Zeus drugged Hera who fell into a deep sleep and placed the baby on her breast. When Hera woke up the baby continued to feed and the Goddess, taken by dismay, threw him away ... so a few drops of her breast touched the ground giving life to thecalla, other drops were thrown into the sky originating the Milky Way.

If for Greek mythology thecallait was generated from Hera's milk, some Christian legends link the birth of the calla to the tears shed by Eve as it was expelled from the garden of Eden.

TheRoman meaningof thecallais closely related tosexuality. For the ancient Romans, the calla was a symbol of male attributes due to the erect shape of the spadix that projects from the center of the flower. It is also to this Roman legend that we owe themeaningtoday's flower:symbolof beauty, eroticism, sensuality and fertility.

If you are passionate about themeaning of flowersand especially the legends that narrate the birth of each single flower, I recommend that you read the article dedicated to the meaning of the orchid.

Due to the strong resemblance to the lily, the calla in the Christian religion, it is a symbol of purity and is considered the flower of the Madonna. The association between calla and whiteness should be related only to the white calla or simply associated with the lily.

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