Exercises for quadriceps

Exercises for quadriceps

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The musclequadriceps femorisit is solicited in a large number of movements. It is located in the front of the thigh and is often described as the most voluminous muscle mass in the body. Thequadricepsit is called so for a reason: it is composed in turn of four heads, the rectus femoris, the vastus medialis, the vastus lateralis and the vastus intermediate. Of these, the most voluminous is the rectus femoris.

Leg quadriceps exercises

There are many bodyweight exercises that allow you tostrengthen the quadriceps. For lovers of the gym and equipment, however, to put a strain on the resistance and tightness of thequadriceps hamstringsthere are toolsellipticallike the one shown in the photo above. Amongbodyweight exercisessquats and lunges are more effective for you.

In the exercises mentioned, we have reported only those that allow you to train all four heads of the quadriceps and the adjacent muscles. There are also gym equipment that allowsexercisesisotonic targeted:

  • leg press (or the press)
  • leg extension
  • leg abductor
  • leg adductor

These isotonic machines allow targeted movements that make a muscle element work in a specific way by isolating it and not making the adjacent muscle complexes work.

If, on the other hand, you don't want to go to the gym, to develop thequadricepsyou can do multi-joint exercises at home, both free body and with the help of weights and scales.

I have already pointed out squats and lunges that, when it comes to developingquadricepsare thebetter exercises. They are effective but not easy to do.

How to do the exercises to strengthen the quadriceps

First of all, don't be in a hurry: know that to have tangible results you need at least two or three months of time. During this time you can schedule three sessions of exercises for quadriceps per week.

Try to be patient, realistic and proactive. Realist because the time it will take you to reach your goals depends on your starting fitness and the time invested in training. Purposeful because, week after week, everything will become easier.

Nobody tells you this but the hardest part of a training plan (be it for strengthen the quadricepsbe it to sculpt the abdomen) is the beginning, especially if you do not already have a routine that provides physical exercise. The beginning is the most difficult part because in addition to the muscles of the body, you have to train in a different mentality, a mentality made up of effort and small goals. A winning mentality after at the end of each session you can feel satisfied with yourself.

The squat is the perfect exercise to train the quadriceps and all the muscles of the leg. How to squat forto train the quadriceps?

  1. Get into the starting position.
    Place the heels at a width slightly greater than that of the shoulders, with the tips of the toes pointing outwards by about 30 °.
    Your pelvis will need to be slightly moved backwards.
  2. Slowly begin to bend your legs, lowering yourself to the back. Perform the movement as if there is a low seat to reach with your lower back.
  3. Lower yourself with your legs until your thighs are parallel to the ground.
  4. During the exercise for quadriceps keep your arms by your body or fold them with your hands on your hips.
  5. During the exercise, do not take your heels off the ground and try to keep your back as straight as possible.

If not done well, thisexercise for quadricepsit can cause back pain, especially in the lower back. For this, try to focus on posture even during the exercise and only when you are able to perform a suitable movement, add a load. The squot, to be even more effective, can be performed with a barbell or small dumbbells.

During the exercise, pay attention not to:

  • Stiffen the cervical muscles
  • Push the chin towards the chest

Squats aren't the only onesexercisesfree body to show off a nicequadricepsat the beach! You can also do lunges, always at home. Here's how lunges are done:

  1. The starting position is the standing position. Place your feet at shoulder height. Inspire.
  2. Step forward with your right leg. Bend the left leg pushing it to the limit, that is, the knee will have toalmosttouch the floor.
  3. By doing the movement as described, you will find yourself with both knees flexed at 90 ° with angles affixed.
  4. During the exercise, do not arch your back, every time you lower yourself, it is the leg that remains behind that starts the movement!
  5. The calf of the leg that took the step must remain almost perpendicular to the floor, which means that the knee must never advance more than the tip of the foot.

How many exercises for quadriceps to do?
Follow up with reps of 10 per leg for lunges. In both cases, do three sets of 10 with a small break between one series and the next. When you are ready, do three sets of 15 and reduce the pause times between one series and the next.

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