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Choose one dog shampoo it is not a trivial gesture not only if our dog is a poodle. It is and remains an important question even when we have a very sweet half-breed or who knows what other animal whose hair is short and which does not seem to require special attention. Don't be fooled and think that it is a question of health as well as aesthetics, so don't dwell on appearances.

When you start asking the problem of dog shampoo? Starting from two or three months of life, when it begins to be possible to start giving him the first bath. On the market we find many types of shampoos, it is difficult to find your way around because every month that passes new products pop up which can also differ according to the type of hair and lifestyle of the dog itself. However, there are guidelines that can help us do the correct choice, correct not only for our wallet but also for the health of our four-legged friend.

The first important rule to know is this: never use a human product. Yes, for carelessness, to save money, for convenience, for ignorance of the subject, it is a mistake that can be committed, you do not do it because a product for human beings could be too aggressive for the animal's fur and the pH of its skin. The accounts are quickly made and it is not a mania of those who want products dedicated to animals at all costs and at all prices: humans have a skin pH of 5, dogs have a pH of 7.

It goes without saying that a human product used on a dog would certainly alter the condition of his skin, causing dermatitis or hair problems. To save money, you would go and get him a health problem out of thin air and then perhaps spend even more on products to make him heal.

In the basket of dog shampoos there are many offers, in every sense, and shampoos designed for every type of hair and also for particular problems that the dog can present. Did you know for example that there are shampoos for dogs with dermatitis, ecoBio shampoo and also the DIY shampoos, made ... by us!

Dog shampoo: which one to choose

Taking the time to choose a product that meets the needs of our dog is not a waste of time and does not necessarily mean going to spend more, it is just a matter of understanding what the product that suits us and what the market offers in order to pay the right amount without exaggeration of any kind.

A dog shampoo must be a product that does not foam a lot, in general, and that it is easy to rinse. These are essential characteristics because in this way the dog does not risk becoming restless and catching cold during the drying operation. One shampoo should leave the hair fragrant and shinymoreover, but without exaggerating with smells because, as we well know, dogs like to have their own and not that of lavender, jasmine or whatever other essence they wanted to sell us.

For long or curly haired dogs it is also recommended the use of a balm which serves to leave the hair softer, more hydrated and shiny, even the skin remains less irritated for the benefit of our friend. Even in the case of the conditioner, never "recycle" products for human beings.

Let's not forget that there are also brands of dog shampoo who make and offer products specifically designed for certain dog breeds. Just to name a few, I immediately think about shampoos for Poodles, Boxer, Beagle, Yorkshire, Shih tzu, Golden, Labrador and so on. Not only for long-haired breeds, therefore, but also for those who, despite having short hair, have special needs that are not always easy to know or imagine.

Talk about dog shampoo and conditioner not to mention brushes it is absurd, I cannot fail to remind you that it is essential to brush the dog's coat daily to avoid the formation of any knots. This is especially true for owners of long-haired dogs but not only. Brush the coat frequently makes the coat more shiny, as this movement distributes the fat that secretes the dog's skin all over the hair, not to mention how the brushing is a pleasant thing to the dog, it relaxes and calms it a lot, as well make him feel pampered and cared for. Among the many types of brushes, I recommend this one, suitable for long-haired dogs, over 5 centimeters, which reduces the shedding of hair by almost 90%. You can find it on Amazon, too, at 35 euros.

Dog shampoo: types

We may want to choose the best shampoo on every occasion, and so it should be, but this will must be even stronger when our walking partner has particular problems. I refer for example to dogs with particularly dry skin or dermatitis, dogs that have frequent itching or that show dull coat, dogs that shed their hair. These are all cases in which it is better to get the shampoo recommended by a specialist, the veterinarian or someone who knows about it such as a breeder of dogs of a certain breed.

Among the various types of shampoo we also find that for allergic dogs, or the anti dandruff, a more frequent problem than we imagine. Few people know that there is also the option of shampoo to be used dry, for cleaning some parts of the dog's body, without washing it all. These are effective products, but which cannot be replaced with water shampoos, they are useful in the contingent case in which the animal cannot be washed with water and classic shampoo. On holiday, for example, or during a post-operative recovery period.

Among the many products I would choose this dry shampoo, at 8 euros in pack of 200 ml, also available on Amazon. It is a shampoo that restores shine to the hair thanks also to aloe vera and which makes the coat healthy and shiny.

Shampoo for dogs with dermatitis and anti-dandruff

We also mentioned shampoo to use in case of dermatitis, unfortunately a very widespread problem. Here is one with a good value for money, also available on Amazon: it is Natural shampoo with Citronella, Rosemary and Tea Tree able to eliminate germs and bad smell, a pack of 500 ml costs 22 euros.
At 15 euros for each pack of 250 ml there is also an anti-dandruff shampoo also on Amazon, with a neutral pH and paraben-free.

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