How to clean the wood oven

How to clean the wood oven

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Prepare the firewood, wait for the embers to be ready and finally bake bread, pizza and cakes: there is nothing more authentic than the taste of wood-fired pies! Be careful, even the most meticulous work can be in vain if you start cooking in dirty wood oven. That is why, periodically, it is important to pay attentioncleaning the wood oven.

Instructions to provide for the ordinary and extraordinary cleaning of the wood oven. How to clean the wood oven naturally and without residues.

Who has a wood-burning oven in the garden carries out the work ofcleaningand maintenance near spring. Conversely, those who have awood ovenat home (perhaps in a pretty country house) or in the cellar, he performs thecleaning the wood ovennear autumn. In short: before starting to use the wood oven at full capacity. Is essential clean the wood oveneven after each use.

Wood oven: which parts to clean

Each wood-burning oven is different, especially when it comes towood-fired brick ovensmade many years ago: at the time, every craftsman could put his own!

In general, these are the parts that make up the wood oven:

  1. The oven chamber
  2. The vault of the oven chamber
  3. The mouth of the oven
  4. The iron door
  5. The hood or chimney

The oven chamber and the vault that closes the cooking chamber from above are the most difficult parts of the oven to clean.

The hood or chimney of the wood oven is generally very short: it is a flue that does not communicate with the oven chamber but is located above the mouth of the oven. As stated this is the general rule, but from experience I tell you that some wood-fired brick ovens are not made like this and the smoke extractor hood is moved to the right of the cooking chamber ... or its position changes according to the needs of the room. where the wood oven is installed.

The mouth of the oven is the easiest part to clean, as is the iron door.

How to clean the wood oven

Cleaning starts from the hood. The cleaning of the hood of the wood-burning oven is carried out with a special kit of brushes designed to remove accumulated soot.

When you clean the "chimney" of the wood oven, put some days at the level of the delivery placed in the cooking chamber. This way, the soot you remove will fall on the newspapers and it will be easier to dispose of it.

Using a lamp, check that the vault of the wood-burning oven is perfectly intact and free of cracks. Any exposed bricks must not be lowered but well aligned with respect to the curvature envisaged by the vault.

With a flashlight, start brushing the vault to remove any soot. The cooking chamber, both between one cooking and another and for thecleaningat the beginning of the season it is traditionally done with a broom. In fact, at one time, to clean the cooking chamber of thewood ovena simple branch was used… but it is clear that by doing so the residues of the previous cooking are not removed effectively.

The sorghum is this natural and ecological material that you see in the photo above. In this way you do not risk leaving plastic residues inside the combustion chamber of the wood oven.

If it is true that you have to remove soot and dirt, it is equally true that you must not leave any residues of artificial origin in your oven: the combustion of plastic particles or volatile substances left by soap residues, would inevitably end up on your food! You are lucky enough to use a wood-burning oven, do not deface this occasion by using certain sources of pollutants!

For this reason, to clean your wood oven, avoid:

  • Use detergents
  • Use plastic brooms and brushes

To clean the wood oven you can use:

  • Saccina brooms and brushes
  • Branches and fagots
  • Jute sacks
  • Rags of natural fabrics without dyes

The broom must be used exclusively for cleaning the oven. Where to buy one? In fact, they are not even found in large shopping centers: more small retailers can offer it. If you don't know anyone in your area, you can take advantage of Amazon, a good broom broom, large enough (which you can use as a brush, without the use of the handle), can be bought with € 14.20 and free shipping. For all information on the product mentioned, I refer you to the official Amazon page: broom broom.

To finish the work ofcleaning the wood oven, wrap a wet cotton cloth around a pusher (or if you don't have one, use a wooden handle or the shovel itself). Pass the wet cloth over the surfaces to be cleaned: the cloth will capture the ash and soot that remains.

These same precautions are also required forclean the oven between one cooking and the next.

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