Butterfly knife: how to use it

Butterfly knife: how to use it

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Butterfly knife: how to use it and legal information (when it is legal and when its possession and use is illegal).

The balisongor butterfly knife, is certainly not counted among thetypes of kitchen knives, therefore, before understanding how it is used, let's take a look at what the law says.

Before you seehow to use a butterfly knifewe will give you an overview of the relevant regulations on the use and possession of weapons. L'use of the butterfly knifesometimes it can be consideredillegaland punishable by law under Art. 699 of the penal code.

Butterfly knife: legal or illegal

In many states thebutterfly knifeor balisongisillegal. For example, in Germany thebalisongis considered entirelyoutlawed(Waffengesetz, Arms Act) starting in April 2003, following the Erfurt massacre. In Germany, in fact, anyone who owns, sells or buys this knife is punishable by a fine of up to 10,000 euros and, if he commits a crime by holding and using this weapon, he is punishable by imprisonment from 1 to 10 years. .

At the opposite end, we find Russia where thebutterfly knifeit is completely legal as long as the blade is no longer than 90 mm.

InItalyown abutterfly knifeit is legal, as long as you keep it in your private home. And insteadillegalthe transportation and detention of thebutterfly knifeoutside the home: in practice, if you want to buy a butterfly knife you will have to keep it at home, you cannot carry it around even if the blade is not sharpened on both sides.

To integrate art. 699 paragraph 2 of the criminal code and art. 4 paragraphs 2 and 3 n. 110 of 1975, on the port of aknifewith a folding blade equipped with a blade locking system, even if manual, it is irrelevant that theblade whether or not double-edged. In simple terms, even if yoursbutterfly knifeit has only been sharpened on one side of the hand, however it is illegal to carry it.

In Italy there is a generalban on carrying weapons sanctioned by the aforementioned article 699 of the criminal code and by art. 4 paragraph 1 l.n.110 of 1975. The use of this knife can only be done in homes and private places where the use cannot harm the safety of third parties.

What if they stop me for a checkup and I have a butterfly knife?
Anyone who takes a weapon out of their home is punished with arrest for up to eighteen months just for mere detention.

Remember that the law is not optional: it must be respected!

Butterfly knife: how to use it

How do you use a butterfly knife? First make sure you comply with the gun possession law and, forlearn how to use a butterfly knife, use a fake one or one with a dull blade, in this way you will avoid injury during any exercises.

Thebalisongit is a knife of Filipino origin: it has a particular handle that is opened in two parts. L'use of balisong it is linked precisely to the peculiarity of the handle. If you learn how to use the double handle, you will have learned how to use a butterfly knife!

The two handles can rotate on the blade which can be sharpened only on one side or on both sides, to ensure maximum safety, remember to use a butterfly knife with a dull blade. When the knife is closed, the blade is hidden inside the grooves of the handles themselves.

Learn first to open and close the knife with a certain familiarity: if you are not careful you will be able to cut yourself just as you accompany the handle on the sharp edge of the blade (the handle shown on the left). While the second handle represents a safety lock.

Remember that once you have removed the safety pin (a closure that locks the two handles) to open thebutterfly knife you will need to snap the handle to the right if you are right handed or to the left if you are left handed. While shooting, you will need to be skilled enough to let the blade and the first handle (the one shown on the left in the photo) snap out while you will have to grab the back half of the safety handle (the one shown on the right in the photo).

In the following video tutorial (it is in Italian) the complete movement to trigger the butterfly knife is shown. The video shows the opening and closing movement (the basic acrobatics). Only when you are familiar with the click and the closing of the knife will you be able to try other more scenic stunts.

In some places in Italy there is no shortage of Filipino martial arts courses where the use of balisong is provided. If you decide to practice solo or by following tutorials and tricks online, buy a "training" butterfly knife and not sharpened.

At "this Amazon page" you can find a practicalbalisongwith blunt solid steel blade, so you will have the same weight and handle as aprofessional balisongbut without taking risks to your health and the law.

From the Amazon page, we have reported the same to youbutterfly knifethat you find in the illustration above and that the boy uses in the video that follows, the only difference is that the blade is completely legal as it is not sharpened.

Video: Balisong Collection Update + Balisongs 4 Sale (May 2022).


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