Cavedio in architecture

Cavedio in architecture

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Thewell in architecture: definition, synonyms and use. From the technical shaft with systems to the stylishly furnished shaft.

Today we will talk about the shaft in architecture. What it is and what are its uses.

Cavedio: synonyms

Cavedio synonyms: cloister, vanella or well of light. The term cavedio derives from the Latin “cavaedium” which, in the Roman house, was the space discovered in the center of the domus and which served as an atrium. Today we talk abouttechnical shaftwhen it hosts installationsbut that's not always the case.

Cavedio: technical definition

In architecture, the atrium is a small courtyard that manages to provide light and air to the rooms that overlook it. Often, a bathroom, a hallway, a basement or a technical room overlooks the atrium. The Building and Hygiene Regulations establishes its minimum area and width.

Under the shaft there may be land, living rooms, cellars or the garage. It is important to understand structurally what is under the shaft so as to be able to choose a well-considered use.

For example, if there is land under the shaft, you could consider creating a garden complete with a small artificial pond to house some floating plants. This proposal, within a condominium context, must be submitted to the assembly and even before that, to the attention of the condominium administrator.

In any case, theshaftmust have a rainwater disposal system and more (see paragraph dedicated toinstallations).

Condominium cavity

When several houses overlook the atrium, the same legal regime of the courtyard applies at a legal level. As for the courtyard, unless otherwise specified in the rental agreement or in the condominium statute, the shaft must be considered a part of the building for common use. In special cases, the shaft can be for exclusive use but the only condominium who uses it cannot prevent the opening of the windows of other properties.

Technical shaft or plant shaft

Theshaftcan fulfill the function oftechnical roomor "technical room", in this context we speak of "plant cavity“.

In the technical framework, the necessary changes must be in line with theinstallationshoused pertaining to the building. Intechnical shaftmany can be accommodatedinstallationsWhich:

  • Exhaust systems
  • Ventilation systems to avoid humidity and condensation problems in the house
  • Water adductions
  • Electrical systems
  • Forced extraction systems (controlled ventilation with heat recovery ....)
  • Any boiler
  • External units of air conditioners
  • External units of any chillers

In any case, thetechnical shaftmust have installations like:

  • Rainwater disposal plant
  • Lighting with at least two light points placed on the perimeter, to illuminate the systems and allow maintenance work even in case of low light

If theshaftwas used as a localtechnicalto accommodate theinstallationsuseful to the building, it must be easy to access to allow the usual maintenance or repair works.

Theminimum dimensions of the shaftmay also vary based on the use of this structure. To know the minimum dimensions of the shaft it is possible to consult the Building Regulations of the city of residence. For example, the minimum area of ​​the technical shaft, intended for housing centralized cooling systems, must be 8550 cm2 with reference to an area between 1000 and 1500 m2. The larger the internal surface to be cooled, the larger the plant cavity.

Please note: technical shaft or system shaft are synonyms and indicate the specific use of this space in housing technical equipment useful for the home.

How to furnish the cavity

If it's not atechnical shaftorplant cavity, this space can be used like a courtyard.

Based on the amount of light entering theshaft, it is possible to evaluate the cultivation of certain plants: green is able to enhance any space!

In addition, it is possible to convert an old atrium into a beautiful green space even without having to carry out major renovations. When designing the green space in the atrium, it will be necessary to evaluate the height of the perimeter walls without underestimating the position of any windows.

The possibility of setting up a green space in the atrium goes hand in hand with the possibility of installing a water system: having access to water is necessary to manage any green space. A watering can may be enough for small plants, but a real irrigation system or a point of access and drainage of water can allow you to install a small artificial lake.

The images / photos are taken from the site, from the page dedicated to the transformation of an atrium into a green space (restructuring atrium).

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