Tomato plant care

Tomato plant care

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Tomato plant care: instructions forcuretomato plants to improve the yield and to eliminate diseases.

Therecultivation of tomato plantsit's not just summer: with somecaremore is possiblepick tomatoesuntil late autumn, especially in Southern Italy where the climate is milder. Yes, in the south, with somecarein addition, seasonal tomatoes are also available between October and November!

Tomato plant care

The tomato plants they are productive for the entire summer period, with the arrival of autumn the ripening of tomatoes slows down until production stops. The fading of the sun's rays and the lowering of temperatures are complicit in this phenomenon. If your plant has few or no tomatoes at all, be sure to:

  • Water the plant regularly
  • Grow the plant in fertile soil
  • Grow the plant in full sun
  • Fertilize the soil
  • Perform the weeding of weeds

How to water the tomatoes?
Irrigation must be frequent. It is impossible to tell you how many times a week you need to water your tomato plants because a lot depends on the climatic conditions. To know exactly when to water the tomatoes, check the soil: between one irrigation and the next, the soil must dry out. Irrigation generally slows down at the end of August.

How to fertilize tomato plants?
Fertilization should be done at the time of planting the plants and, again, previously, during the spring tillage of the soil. If the soil is not very fertile, it is important to fertilize.

In any case (whether the tomato is in pot or if it is grown in the open field) one is recommendedfertilizationin mid-summer, so as to restore the fertility of the soil. Fertilization in mid-summer can be done with a slow-release granular fertilizer.

If you want to fertilize in late summer or early autumn, you can give the plants fast-absorbing liquid fertilizers.

How to pick tomatoes

Not everyone knows this but… also how you harvest your tomatoes affects the cultivation and productivity of the plant. Yes, you understand, among thetomato plant carethe harvest also appears. Make sure you:

  • Collect the tomatoes in steps, following the ripeness.
  • Gather the tomatoes using a pair of scissors to remove part of the stalk.
  • Don't tear the tomato from the plant otherwise you risk damaging the branch.

If you have a sick tomato plant and want to find out what are the pests and diseases that affect tomatoes, I recommend that you read the dedicated article: tomato diseases.

Care of yellowed tomato plants

Tomato plants with yellow leaves are very common. Yellow leaves can be a symptom of various diseases, primarily nutritional deficiencies. Nitrogen is essential for the creation of new green fabrics. When nitrogen deficiency is present, the leaves turn yellow and then wither. Provide to fertilize the tomatoes.

If tomato plants show yellow leaves in late summer, this is completely normal. The first yellowing occurs between the end of summer and the beginning of autumn and precede the drying out. In this case, cut the branches that turn yellow so as to give more light to the plant and collect the last fruits that ripen with the residual sunlight.

Why do tomato leaves curl?

Another event linked to the presence of nitrogen in the soil consists in the curling of tomato leaves. When there is a shortage of nitrogen, the first leaves to turn yellow are those at the bottom while if you have overdid it with fertilizers and the soil is too rich in nitrogen, the leaves of tomato plants curl! In this case, keep watering regularly and stop all fertilizing. If all the leaves are curling, then for some time you could avoid weeding and let the weeds take nitrogen from the soil.

How to cure tomatoes from pests

Another problem related to the cultivation of tomatoes is the presence of parasites: the most common insect is the green bug, Nezara viridula. If you notice that the tomatoes have spots on the surface, it is probably the sucking bites of these insects.

To eliminate green bedbugs from tomatoes you can use one of the natural remedies seen on the page: Green bedbugs, how to remove them.

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