Allocco: verse and meaning

Allocco: verse and meaning

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Medium in size, theowl is a nocturnal bird of prey which weighs about half a kilogram and does not reach the length of half a meter, indeed, not even that of 40 centimeters. A bird is also measured by wingspan and its size can be about one meter. It has a large, rounded head but a little flat, as if flattened, with almost forming feathers two discs of gray or brown color. They are not decorations with a purely aesthetic purpose but serve to amplify the sounds, which is very important especially for birds that move in the night.

The rest of the plumage always remains with similar shades going from fawn-brown to gray, on the belly may appear darker areas, always on the same shades.

It can be confused with theUral owl, even if this species, in Italy, is present only in the eastern alpine areas.

Allocco: meaning

In truth theowl he is not a fool, which is how not very smart people define themselves. You are a fool, you stayed there like a fool. All expressions that I am not sure of compliments but we will discover that the owl is not such a dumb bird of prey, it only has a little lanky look due to his being nocturnal and his eyes that seem to be permanently wide to look at the world as if something unexpected and unmanageable was happening.

The eyes of this bird they are black and also large, they can be seen well because they stand out in contrast with the certainly not black plumage, ear tufts are not seen and with its gray - brown shades this bird manages to blend very well in the wood. Other than being a fool.

Allocco: towards

Among the various nocturnal birds of prey, the protagonist of the article is one of the most active from a vocal point of view, emitting very high-pitched sounds, especially at night between December and April. The dysmorphism sexual which can already be seen in the size of the specimens of owl, is also confirmed in the rumors of this raptor. In fact, the male has a song that he remembers a kind of howl while the female has a song more similar to that of the owl and if we are not experts we can confuse her with her "cousin" very easily.

Both males and females follow a diet based on small mammals, mice above all, and the female nests between February and June, finding accommodation for the future owls in natural cavities which can be either tree trunks or nests abandoned by other birds.

When it's time for the female lays eggs, on average from two to four, and hatches them for a month, then the chicks are born that are ready to fly 5 weeks after hatching but it takes 4 months for them to be truly self-sufficient in all respects.

Italian owl

The allocco is also Italian because it is a bird of prey widespread throughout Italy, except in Sardinia and apparently in the Salento peninsula. However, we also find it in other areas outside the border such as in many countries of our continent as well as in Asia and in the northern part of the African continent.

In general, the owl seeks to live and nesting in forest environments, he absolutely prefers them but over time and with their slow and inexorable disappearance, he has learned to adapt to agricultural and man-made environments. Think that it is also found in the historic centers of cities and not in small ones surrounded by greenery but also in large ones, in metropolises such as Rome and Milan, Turin and Naples.

It lives at night so we won't have much chance of seeing it, the only period in which it goes out in the sunlight is that of reproduction andbreeding of the young. If in the forests it nests in trees, preferably conifers, in the city it goes to take refuge in cavities it finds in houses, in abandoned buildings and even in certain monuments and historic buildings.

Under Italian law, the tawny owl is a protected species under the law even if it is not to be considered globally threatened, also because its population seems to be increasing almost everywhere thanks to protection, reforestation and its ability to adapt to anthropized environments. Among the areas of Italy where we can try to find it if we want to, there are city parks in cities such as Pavia, Trento, Siena, Rome, Turin, Bergamo and greener areas but always close to towns such as the Monza Park and the Bosco della Mesola near Ferrara.

Tawny owl: reproduction

Giving a fool, scientifically speaking, means giving faithful companion because to all intents and purposes this raptor is monogamous, the couples last a lifetime and reproduce between October and November, producing two or three eggs which hatch after about a month. There is a fairly rigid division of roles, the mother defends the offspring and the father goes in search of food.

As a classic nocturnal bird of prey, the tawny owl has typical characteristics of the category such as a excellent hearing, thanks to those facial discs of hers, and the fringed feathers, which allow the animal to fly without producing sounds. All this, and much more technical, pays off the owl an animal able to get by in the night by swooping down on its prey and attacking it without fail.

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