Good luck: phrases and synonyms

Good luck: phrases and synonyms

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It is said Good luck very often and not always the meaning, I mean the original ones, of this expression is understood, which is why we are not able to come up with an answer that is not the classic "crepi il wolf ”, very annoying for environmentalists who cling to words instead of deeds.

Today there are still many interpretations of this saying superstitious, some folkloric, others more historical or imaginative, scientific or absurd.

The Wolf in history it has always been seen as a symbol of danger and evil in our country, something very different happened further north where it was and is more like a magical animal, which foresees the future. Today in Italy it is not frowned upon because it is scary, but it is also protected having risked extinction in the 1970s. It was and still is, at the center of many stories and legends, rumors and idioms such as "Good luck".

Good luck phrases

When we say good luck we use a sentence with one apotropaic function because it has the goal of warding off a malignant influence. The phrase was actually born to wish luck to those who are preparing to face a difficult test.

It was in use, according to some, between shepherds and breeders who obviously saw the wolf as an enemy for obvious reasons. Looking closely at the stories that surround the wolf, in some this animal is a symbol of the eternal city: Rome. THE sons of the god Mars and the vestal Rhea Silvia they are suckled by the she-wolf who saves their lives, so the wish takes on a different meaning and the animal becomes well regarded, synonymous with protection. In this case, answering “crepi the wolf is clearly incorrect.

In a marine environment "the wolf's mouth”Was the blackboard where the captains who arrived on Giudecca recorded their arrival and the quantity of men and goods brought home. Saying good luck meant wishing you a good navigation and return safe and sound.

Good luck: synonym

There aren't many synonyms for this phrase. The concept is and remains to wish you well, for good luck, in popular jargon it is also said "in the ass of the whale", remaining in the animal universe.

Good luck for in English

In English you don't sacrifice wolves for wish good luck, it simply says "Good luck" or "break a leg" more symbolic and superstitious.

Good luck to a friend

Here are some phrases to wish good luck to a loved one.

  • If you still lack some pleasant sensation to try, I hope you can try it as soon as possible with that pinch of luck that never hurts in life.
  • I wish you a future full of satisfactions, of initiatives that can do you honor by going through as you wish them in your life.
  • May my wish reach you wherever you are to fill your heart with that strength necessary for the journey undertaken for your life.
  • In everyone's life happiness, joy, serenity and peace are desirable: I wish you to have them in abundance and lasting for all the time of your life.
  • I wish you to discover your treasure hidden in your heart on your life journey so that it can make you discover the best part of yourself to give to others.

Good luck for an operation

Here's one sentence that suits us: "It is not rare that when nothing good is expected, something positive happens that improves our life: I wish you good luck!"

Good luck: answer

Now perhaps we have clearer how to react if they tell us Good luck. We avoid answering "You die the wolf", they are wishing us that everything goes ok, all smooth. Logically, the best answer would be thanks, simply, or "Long live the wolf" or "long live the wolf" because good luck is safe. In fact, this fascinating mammal moves its cubs with its mouth when it feels that its refuge is threatened. If he considers us his "little one", in theory, taking us in the mouth saves us from a threat!

Good luck in other languages

Let's see how to wish good luck in a language that is not ours and not even the English one that not everyone in the world speaks fluently. That's what they say in French "Bonne chance", and the word chance should already suggest something to us. Less intuitive for those unfamiliar with the language is the German expression that sounds like "Viel Glück". On the other hand, the two expressions, Spanish and Portuguese, are very intuitive. In the first case we say "Buena suerte" and in the second "Boa sorte", the expressions used throughout South America are very similar.

Good luck: books

There are many books devoted to wolves and they try to show the good side of these animals. Most of the times they are books that deal with the theme of wickedness and shyness, of appearances with a broader scope. In this "The wolf who got too excited"Written by Orianne Lallemand and Éléonore Thuillier, suitable for young readers aged 3 and over, there is a very nice wolf protagonist but who changes mood at the speed of light enough to give his friends a headache. Other than tear them to pieces, he exhausts them with his being moody but he will learn to change and to face life with less agitation.

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