How to scuba dive

How to scuba dive

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How to scuba dive: tips for practicing scuba diving without a license or obtaining a specific license. Dangers and practical advice.

Scuba diving without a license

Let's face it right away, they can be donescuba diving without a licensebecause in Italy there is no specific legislation that places such a prohibition. It is equally important to clarify that for a matter ofsafety(understood as your personal physical safety) it is absolutely not recommended to doscuba diving without a license.

By law, without patent can:

  • Immerse yourself in water with oxygen cylinders (self-contained breathing apparatus).
  • Rent or buy diving equipment (cylinders, wetsuits, belts, octopus, macaws, dive computers, depth gauges…).
  • Refill cylinders.
  • Go diving alone or in pairs.

It is common sense that should hold you back. Without patent, in fact, you can't go diving on a "no-stop", because you lack the essential knowledge to be able to carry out this activity and you probably don't even know what a no-stop is.

Forscuba diving without a license, followed by an expert, scrupulous and attentive guide, who at least, before the dive, will explain to you how to behave and above all will keep to very limited depths (a few meters).

Can I dive with the tank without a license?

Yes, because there is no national regulatory framework, however you will need to inquire about the location where you intend to dive. Somelocal ordinancessuch as that of the port authority of Reggio Calabria (ordinance 73/10 of 08/30/2010) or of Gallipoli (ordinance of 09/23 of 07/23/2009), respectively requirepatent obligationand a maximum depth limit.

If you are on vacation in Sardinia or in other places in Sicily, Campania, Liguria ... you can dive without a license (find out if specific ordinances have been issued) using cylinders and an air dispenser.

How to scuba dive without a license

You will have to rely on a guide who, in addition to offering you equipment for hire, will do a preliminary briefing at theimmersion, explaining how you should behave during the descent and ascent.

Scuba diving: dangers and risks

Because I have repeatedly stressed that you should get a patent before go scuba diving? Simply to minimize the risks you may encounter and immerse yourself within a "safety curve".

THEdangersof a'divingthere are many and most of them are linked to the pressure difference encountered along the descent. To start there are dangers related to hearing (if you do not perform proper decompression, the water pressure could cause you to rupture a tympanic membrane) and, going to the opposite side, speaking ofdangerseven more serious, the increase in lung volume related to pressure, during a dive, can be such as to cause the rupture ofpulmonary alveoli... not to mention the nitrogen saturation and the risk of narcosis. A course, with the achievement of the patent, would allow you to dive and stem these scary ones dangers.

How to scuba dive

Clarified that, by law, you are free to scuba dive ... remember that by law you can also go and climb mountains, but I don't think that tomorrow you would improvise yourself as a climber! Here, diving shouldn't be taken lightly: make sure you have all the skills.

Know that with the first level certification (Open Water Driver) you can dive within a limit depth of 18 meters. You can obtain this certificate with any recognized school / institution, among the main ones I point outFIPSAS, CMAS and PADI. FIPSAS courses are considered more "professional" due to the balance between theory and practice lessons. In some cases, you may happen to do diving without a patent in a tourist location with a PADI center (baptism of the sea) and then recover the cost of that dive on the total cost of a PADI course in any city. Yes ... there are also promotions on courses for the achievement of diver license. PADI centers are often frowned upon precisely because of their tourist and recreational vocation, but each center is a story in itself.

How to choose the course to obtain the diving license? Simply visit different centers in your city and be inspired by the instructor who seems most professional to you. It is true that the instructor will follow the "PADI / FIPSAS" program or of the body on duty, however it is equally true that his knowledge and experience will be the starting point for your training. Well ... more than at school, let yourself be inspired by the professional who should train you.

How long does the course take to obtain the diving license?

Generally the duration of the course to achieve the diving licenselasts 8 - 10 lessons. It depends on the school. At the end of the course there is an evaluation test. The first thing they will teach you on the course? There Valsalva maneuver to perform proper decompression.

Once you get the patent, it will not be difficult for you to locate one of the many centers where organizing guided dives. It is always not recommended to dive alone.

Deep dives: how many meters?

Deep dive: little curiosity, what is the maximum depth for an underwater dive?

By deep dive we mean scuba diving between 25 and 39 meters. In the military field the deep dives they can exceed 45 meters. However, know that gas consumption is always proportional to pressure, so at 50 meters depth consumption is 6 times higher than on the surface!

There is also a technical limit that is circumvented with particular gaseous mixtures: the limit of use for compressed air (that contained in classic cylinders) is estimated at around 70 meters, beyond this depth oxygen becomes toxic and for this replaced with special blends. In the field of recreational diving, the maximum depth of immersion stands at 39 meters and this threshold should never be exceeded.

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