Bike leash: hooks and supports for dogs

Bike leash: hooks and supports for dogs

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THE bike leashes and other supports such as hooks and spacers are the theme I will write about in my new article that will come in handy for training your dog to follow you on a bicycle on country roads or paths where the use of a leash is not expressly prohibited.

What the Highway Code says on animal transport: when and where it applies

Riding your dog on a bike can be a lot of fun and helps pet and owner keep fit respectively; you can do it both by doing the normal walk but also by running or pedaling at a slow pace with your bicycle and always bringing the dog on a leash

In this regard, however, it should be remembered what the Highway Code establishes in Article 182, paragraph 3, which reads verbatim as "cyclists are forbidden to drive animals or be towed by another vehicle"; the sanction for non-compliance with the law provides for an administrative sanction (or a fine) ranging from 22 to 88 euros. From this point of view the law is very clear, correct and incontrovertible because if you think about it it could be very dangerous to tow or be towed on the normal roads normally traveled by motor vehicles.

The highway code does not apply (in toto) however to country roads, paths and privately owned or fenced areas what parks can be for example; in these cases it will be appropriate check if there are local regulations that impose particular constraints or restrictions on it. If not, you can have fun walking the dog while riding your bicycle.

What are the main tools for carrying and training the dog on a bike

Having finished this appropriate regulatory preamble, it is possible to highlight how one exists on the market set of tools of extraordinary convenience to make sure to accompany or be accompanied by your dog while comfortably pedaling on a bicycle:

  • spacers to support the leash to the bike frame
  • hooks and supports for dogs on bikes
  • leashes with hooks to the bike
  • bike supports for canine training

The main ones features of these tools are:

  • a spacer bar which prevents the dog from tripping over the wheels and you from concentrating with both hands on the handlebars
  • there presence of spiral springs that prevent immediate reactivity to sudden jerks caused by the dog but also to sudden changes in direction or impacts due to any desire impediments such as holes or bumps in the ground
  • easy-to-assemble clamp structure and construction materials: the best are steel
  • the leash itself whose length can be around 50/60 cm

Teaching the dog to accompany us on a bicycle and expert advice

For the dog, running beside a bicycle is not a "natural" activity therefore it will be necessary:

  • accustom the dog "to the intruder" on two wheels by being accompanied during a walk holding the bicycle
  • subsequently you can hook the animal to the vehicle but always accompanying it by hand in order to induce greater confidence
  • finally, when the dog has become accustomed to the presence of the bike and being hooked to it, the first tens of meters can be started by getting on the bike and trying to do the first few rides in a gentle way
  • based on the dog's reaction to the gait, the radius of curvature and based on the braking, you can decide whether or not to intensify the activity
  • It is very important to create a sense of routine and safety in the animal by traveling the same routes on a regular basis

As for the advice suggested by the experts, here are the 4 main recommendations and common sense rules to follow to ride a bike with your pet in complete safety:

  1. avoid too busy or bumpy routes
  2. avoid paths with too much asphalt which as such is abrasive for the paws
  3. the use of a harness with respect to the collar
  4. let the dog determine the speed

Choosing the right dog leash and / or support

Below I provide you with 3 links to better perform a targeted search on Amazon, the ecommerce site where you can buy all the products I wrote about in this article at excellent prices and with the usual "satisfied or refunded" guarantee.

By following the three links you will find an abundant assortment of leashes for bicycles, hooks and supports for training and canine transport so that you can evaluate the individual product sheets with all the features and prices.

Amazon shipments can take place within 24 hours and are often included in the price. And if you already have Amazon Prime you can take advantage of free and fast shipping for almost all items in the catalog. Here are the links:

  • Different size bike leash
  • Running / jogging leash
  • Trailers and bicycle carriers for animals

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