Marine aquarium magnesium test

Marine aquarium magnesium test

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Marine aquarium magnesium test: instructions for use of the main tests to measure magnesium values ​​in salt water. How to properly balance magnesium with calcium.

To ensure maximum wellbeing for all the organisms you are hosting in yoursmarine aquarium, it is important to balance the calcium and magnesium concentrations in relation to KH.

Levels of magnesium in the marine aquarium

Themagnesiumit is among the most abundant ions in the waters of the seas around the globe and, in the reef aquarium, its optimal concentration is in the range between 1250 and 1350 mg / liter. The magnesium content is conditioned by KH and vice versa.

With the addition of magnesium and especially calcium, we should be good at creating the conditions of equilibrium between the dissociated form of calcium and its carbonates. To make this happen, we must maintain an alkaline environment (with water pH never lower than 8.1), with a high kH (never lower than 7) and a salinity (total density) between 1024 and 1026 for the reef aquarium (rich in corals) and 1022 and 1024 for the marine aquarium (with only fish and soft corals). In this regard, you may be interested in the guide: how to measure the salinity of water.

Marine aquarium magnesium test

After having seen how to do the calcium test (marine aquarium calcium test) referring to theSalifert's instructionsProfi Test, I'll explain how to do the magnesium test using the test from the same company or from manufacturers such as Nyos and Askoll.

As already mentioned in my other articles, unfortunately the tests with reagents are very delicate and incorrect storage (by the merchant or in the transport chain) could change their reliability. To understand the consistency of the test you have chosen, repeat it at least twice to see if it gives you similar values.

Where to buy magnesium tests? At “this Amazon page” you can find a good number of proposals.

Once you have detected the amount of magnesium present in your aquarium, do itgradual adjustments and wait 24 hours to repeat the test again so as to allow the salts to diffuse in the water evenly. To measure the salinity / density with a refractometer, however, after adding any solute (including magnesium) you just need to wait 10 minutes for small aquariums (50 - 80 lt nano reef type).

Magnesium test for marine aquariums: instructions

When you buy a test to measure magnesium, you will have in front of you a package with two syringes (one 2 ml and the other thinner, 1 ml only), a transparent container, two liquid reagents and a powder reagent. For ease of use, manufacturers number the reagents in order of use.

  • With the syringe, take 2 ml of sea water and place it in the transparent container provided.
  • Add 5 drops of Mg-1 reagent, add one dose (satin dispenser) of Mg-2 powder.
  • Mix and wait 10 seconds, in the meantime take 1 ml of reagent from the Mg-3 bottle.
  • Add this reagent drop by drop to your clear container and after each drop wait 2 seconds and mix.
  • Continue until your pink solution turns blue.
  • Look at the syringe and its plunger, you will notice that it is followed by a black terminal ring. The black ring will stop at the value to be read in the table.

It is not complicated, the interpretation is simple. Look at that black ring and look for the value indicated in the table shown ininstructions.

Often the instructions of the texts are only in English, so here is a quick guide. The quantity of drops should be checked with your own instructions and with the purchased test, the previous instructions are from the Salifert test.

In Red Sea magnesium test, for example, the interpretation is different, in fact you will have to subtract the amount of reagent left in the syringe from the value 1. Then you will have to do 1 -amount of residual reagentand read the value shown in the table.

In the photo above, one of my hard corals of the genus Euphyllia, with a huge gorgonian ventalina in the background. Photo from Istagram. If you found this article useful you can follow me on Twitter, add me on Facebook or see my shots on Instagram.

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