How to grow star magnolia

How to grow star magnolia

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How to grow star magnolia: from the fertilizer to the care to be dedicated to the plant, where to place it, pruning and flowering.

Therestarry magnolia is a plant of Japanese origin, it adapts well to our climate and can be grown throughout Italy. On this page I will give you some advice on how to grow star magnolia and on what care to dedicate to the plant (fertilization, exposure, pruning ...).

Magnolia stellata, plant

Therestarry magnoliait's aplantvery resistant to cold, it can be cultivated with a light heart even in the gardens of those who live in the extreme north of Italy.

Thereplantis famous for itsfragrant flowers. Therestarry magnoliait is a rather resistant plant: it does not require much care unless it is grown in pots.

The size of the star magnolia is contained: it has a modest growth and on average does not exceed 2 meters in height.

Magnolia stellata, flowers

Therefloweringit is precocious: since March, on the still bare branches, the first white star-shaped flowers begin to appear. The flowers are followed by large, shiny leaves of a beautiful light green color.

Grow the starry magnolia in pots

It can grow the starry magnolia in pots? Yes, as long as the diameter of the container is at least 60 cm. Potted magnolia needs more constant care: irrigation and fertilization must be more frequent.

The pot should be filled with fresh and fertile soil: enrich the soil with slow release fertilizer.

To support theflowering and make the plant more vigorous, you will have to renew thefertilizationperiodically: fertilize in late February, late April and late June.

Slow release fertilizers are easy to find, better if you use one with a good potassium content to ensure good flowering. A suitable fertilizer for magnolia is the one with the composition type NPK 16-7-15, enriched with microelements. An excellent fertilizer perfect for star magnolia can be found at "this Amazon page“, Offered at a price of 19.39 euros with free shipping costs for a 4 kg bag.

You can buy a similar fertilizer at any garden center, in nurseries or at agricultural consortia: always remember to check the supply of nitrogen (N), phosphorus (P) and potassium (K) before purchasing.

From the very first planting, choose ajarof important dimensions (as stated, at least 60 cm), this is because thestarry magnoliais sensitive torepotting and transplants.

Using a 60cm pot, rather than repotting the magnolia you will need to remove the top soil and replace it with fresh soil.

How to grow star magnolia

Those who live near the sea should avoid this plant: thestarry magnoliait cannot stand the saltiness, nor the scorching heat. Those who live in southern Italy will be able toplanting magnoliain a partial shade position.

Theremagnoliait must be positioned in a sunny position (in full sun or partial shade). It resists well to frosts and low temperatures.

Before planting, it is better if you do a deep dig by burying mature manure or pelleted manure.

How to prune the starry magnolia

Therepruningit must be minimal. Just remove the branches that are dry, damaged or excessively developed compared to the canopy.

Magnolia stellata and Magnolia macrophylla

In many forums and gardening portals, we read that the scientific name of the star magnolia is "magnolia macrophylla", in reality this is not at all accurate.

Magnolia macrophylla is native to the southeastern United States and eastern Mexico. Like the star magnolia, it is a deciduous tree (it loses its leaves in autumn) but has different leaves and flowers. The leaves of the magnolia macrophylla are larger in size and the flowers are also different.

Therestarry magnolia(Magnolia Yulania stellata), even in its maximum development, reaches just 2.5 m and a width of 4.6 m. The flowers are 7 - 10 cm wide.

In the photo above, the classic white flower of the white starry magnolia. In the photo in the center, the flowers of the pink star magnolia, a hybrid plant obtained by crossing the speciesstarry magnolia and kobus magnolia. This hybrid, although known to the public as pink magnolia or pink star magnolia, has the botanical name "Magnolia x loebneri".

For the cultivation of magnolia grandiflora in pots, the guide is available: potted magnolia.

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