Pool in the garden, permits and advice

Pool in the garden, permits and advice

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Pool in the garden, permitsand advice:where to place the pool in the garden, what authorization to ask the municipality of residence and what are the costs. Types of pools and useful tips before setting up.

Designing a swimming pool in the gardenit is not an operation to be underestimated. There are many factors to consider,where to place the pool in the garden, Whichpermissionsask the municipality and how to make spending budget-friendly.

How much does a swimming pool in the garden cost

On the web we often hear aboutcosts of a turnkey in-ground swimming pool, but the reality is quite different. It cannot be understood how much does an inground or above ground pool cost without having an idea of ​​the preliminary work, the dimensions, the materials chosen and above all the coating.

Coatings can strongly influence the cost of a swimming pool just as preliminary work cannot be ignored. There are many things to consider, among the preliminary works it is necessary to consider a possible leveling of the ground that will have to host the pool, the possibility of carrying out the excavation with more or less difficulty, the safety measures, the possibility of cutting down adjacent trees and much more.

Having made the necessary clarifications, it is important to understand that icoststhat follow are only extremely indicative.How much does an inground pool cost?

For an inground swimming pool with a medium-low value coating, with a structure of about 10 x 5 meters, a cost of 15,000 euros must be considered, including costs related to transport and unloading. For installation and masonry works (excavation, leveling the ground ...), a cost of 4,000 - 6,000 euros must be considered between labor and material. In this context, oneinground poolhas acostcomplete, turnkey, around 19,000 - 21,000 euros.

It can be cheapreinforced concrete swimming pools where the largest expense is linked to the material, excavation and labor of the masonry works. In this case, for a reinforced concrete swimming pool of the same size (10 x 5 meters) the cost is between 15,000 and 17,000 euros.

Costs come down when it comes to PVC pools, without special finishes, where for similar dimensions theturnkey costit is always less than 10,000 euros.

To understand what changes the cost of an inground pool, I refer you to the page: how much does an inground pool cost.

Much cheaper are theabove ground poolswhich, thanks to the right coatings, can have an equally captivating aesthetic impact.

Pool in the garden, permissions

Choosing between an inground or above ground pool is the first step to take when we approach the design of a swimming pool in the garden.

It is important to clarify that oneswimming pool in the gardenof type "above ground”Not only is it cheaper, but it also doesn't require any permit for excavation either authorization municipal. The situation changes for the inground pools that see a bureaucratic process complete with a request forpermissionsfor excavation.

Pool in the garden, permits for excavation

How to build an inground swimming pool? Starting from the permits for the excavation but theauthorizationsthey are not limited to this.

First, if the swimming pool in the garden must rise where today there is a very dated tree, among theauthorizationsnecessary, there must also be those related to the felling of the tree.

To cut down a tree, even on private property, a permit from the municipality is required as explained in the articlepermission to cut down a tree. If the tree is tall and close to the house, it is easy to obtain permission, however there are few people who follow this process, in fact, since it is a private property (in the absence of a complaint with clear photographic documentation) the Municipality will not carry out checks. .

THEpermits to build a swimming pool in the gardenthey are only necessary if the pool exceeds 20% of the volume of the relevant building or if its construction is considered by the municipal master plan as a "new construction". In this case, the "Application for building permit" must be submitted to the Manager in charge of the Single Desk for Construction or to the technical office of the Municipality of residence.

Alternatively, for the excavation and swimming pools with dimensions of less than 20% of the volume of the relevant building, the SCIA must be submitted.

Please note: permission to have the swimming pool in the garden

Since 2018, the technical offices of the various administrations have had new provisions on permits for building and building renovations, these could also concern the construction of swimming pools. Before preparing any project, it is advisable to contact the Technical Office of the Municipality of Residence and ask for the procedure to follow, indicating the size and type of pool you intend to build.

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