How to grow a magnolia

How to grow a magnolia

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How to grow a magnolia: complete instructions atcultivation of magnolia in potsor in the garden (in the open ground). From the fertilizer to the care to be dedicated to the plant, specific advice for the different types of magnolia.

Variety of magnolias

Theremagnoliamost common among flower lovers is theMagnolia x soulangeana, it is a hybrid obtained from the crossing of Magnolia denudata and Magnolia liliflora.

Then there are shrub varieties that offer very large flowers and tree varieties. Magnolia trees grow very slowly and reach, after several years, a maximum height of two or three meters.

According to the variety, imagnolia flowersthey can be white, pink, purple ... with flower heads, tapered ... but in any case they sprout at the ends of the bare branches, opening in a cup. It is precisely because of thefloweringthat you have to pay attention topruning.

Magnolia, flowering

The flowering periodchanges according to the variety. Thevariety of magnoliasthey can propose themselves withearly flowering(between the end of February and throughout March) or withfloweringwhich comes in late spring. The leaves, in the early flowering varieties, only appear when the plant is already loaded with flowers.

Magnolia stellata and other species

Therestarry magnoliais among other species that provide onefloweringearly. It is undoubtedly one of the most widespread species with flowering around March. Other magnolias that bloom in March are Magnolia liliflora and Magnolia sinensis. Thecareseen in this guide onhow to grow a magnoliathey adapt to all the species mentioned, therefore also for thestarry magnolia.

Therestarry magnoliais of Japanese origin, it is the best known and most widespread species of magnolia. It is called "star magnolia" due to the shape of its "star-shaped" flowers. For the same reason it is also known aswhite magnoliaorwhite starry magnolia. The flowers of the star magnolia are shown in the photo below.

How to grow a magnolia

Therecultivation of magnolia in potsit is very common but, for those who live in places with a mild climate, it is also possible to performcultivation in the garden, in the open ground.

How to grow magnolia? Themagnoliasthey need manycare, are delicate plants. You will have to plant them in a sunny position and above all sheltered from currents and winds.

In winter, if the plant is grown in a windy place, you will need to set up wind barriers and mulch the soil with straw or pine bark. Excessive wind or thermal shock can cause damage to the plant which will produce few flowers. In short, if you find yourself with onemagnolia that does not bloomprobably the winter was too harsh or the plant is not receiving the right fertilization. Forgrow magnolia, you must pay attention to the fertilizer to be administered.

Fertilizer for magnolia

Ban the universal fertilizer. Thefertilization periodfalls between late February and early March. Fertilization becomes even more important when irrigation is performed with tap water and the cultivation of magnolia is in pots.

Tap water tends to increase the pH of the soil making it unsuitable for the life of the potted magnolia.

If at home you have a fertilizer for acidophilic plants (hydrangeas, rhododendrons ...) you can use that but do not use a universal fertilizer otherwise you will do more damage! If you do not have an acidophilic fertilizer, know that you can buy it in any agricultural consortium, specialized nursery or garden center, you can also take advantage of the online purchase. On Amazon, for example, a bottle of fertilizer for magnoliasyou buy at the price of 12.90 euros with free shipping. For all information on purchasing and above all, please refer tothis Amazon page.

Warning!IdeeGreen.ithas no connection with the seller, so feel free to choose the fertilizer you prefer, but take a look at the formulation of the one proposed so that I can get an idea and be sure to choose a suitable fertilizer for magnolias.

How to grow a potted magnolia

The treatments are the same, they increase for fertilization, irrigation and the attention to be devoted to the substrate. Choose deep, well-draining soil with a slightly acidic pH. All indications on thepotted magnolia careare available on the dedicated page: potted magnolia.

How to prune the magnolia

Pruning magnolia: pay close attention because this plant, whether shrubby or tree, does not require large pruning, indeed. Magnolias should not be pruned because they are characterized by slow growth and the cuts do not heal easily.

On some blogs we read that the pruning period is at the end of winter: nothing more wrong! If you meanprune the magnoliain this period you will give up spring flowering and will also penalize flowering the following year.

Therepruningit should be performed only in extreme cases: if the plant is attacked by diseases or has dry parts. Also, if the plant has dry branches, you must cut them not in the healthy part, but leave a couple of centimeters of the dry jet. Why? The wounds do not heal easily and would allow the entry of fungi or the engraftment of bacteria.

There pruning it is performed only on very young specimens to which you want to give a particular shape or a particular course of the crown. In any case, the magnolia pruning it is done after flowering.

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