How to cure herpes simplex, natural remedies

How to cure herpes simplex, natural remedies

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How to cure herpes simplex, natural remedies to eliminate cold sores quickly and permanently prevent their appearance. The most effective remedies to treat herpes.

LHerpes it is a rather annoying virus and also ugly to behold. There are several pharmaceutical remedies on the market against this disease but we want to recommend natural remedies to eradicate the virus. Let's see in detail how to treat herpes with products that are easily available at home.

It should be noted that there are two main strains of this virus; we will deal only with herpes simplex, while for herpes zoster, it is better to follow the instructions of the treating doctor since it is a more complex disease. If you have a simple cold sore you can safely put into practice the suggestions we are about to give you.

How to prevent cold sores:eliminate herpes forever

As experts argue, theherpes simplex it can be caused by some main factors which can be:

  • stress
  • flu or seasonal illnesses
  • lowering of the immune defenses
  • excessive sun exposure
  • intake of certain foods

The virus ofherpes simplex, in fact, it remains forever latent in the subject and, upon recurrence of one or more of the conditions listed above, cold sores can show up again. Therefore, to prevent herpes it is better to avoid or limit the conditions listed above.

In practice, we are all exposed to the risk of contracting cold sores, the difference is given by our immune defenses.How to get rid of herpes forever? Improving the immune system is the fundamental step to prevent the onset of herpes and find a definitive solution.

Who has more immune defensefragile, perhaps who tends to catch the classic seasonal ailments annually or often suffer from coughs and sore throats, is undoubtedly more exposed to the risk of contracting herpes and to eliminate it forever he will have to take care of himself from the inside.

How to get rid of herpes forever

Foreliminate herpes foreverand prevent it from appearing on our lips on time, you can follow the advice seen in the articleHow to strengthen the immune systemand, in particular, periodically take supplements based on lactic ferments.

The balance of our immune defenses is mainly localized in the last section of our intestine. Maintaining a healthy intestine means improving the immune system andprotect yourself from herpes in a natural way.

Forprevent the onset of herpes, also remember to drink enough water. Hydration is also essential to keep the immune defenses in balance and defend ourselves from viruses.

How to recover from herpes quickly

Who wants quickly eliminate cold soresit can take advantage of particular thermal shocks which are completely painless. Recently introduced on the market is the electronic lipstick HotkissorHerpotherm, it is a stick product that, within a few seconds, heats the area affected by theHerpesup to 50 ° C.

It would seem that the high temperatures would deactivate the virus until leading to the complete regression of the symptoms ofherpesafter a few heat applications.

Heat-based therapy was more effective if used when the first symptoms appeared, while ifherpesis already in an advanced state, it can significantly shorten healing times. Given the novelty, not all pharmacies are equipped with this device.

Those who want to try the anti-herpes electronic lipstick firsthand can take advantage of the online purchase. TOthis Amazon pageyou can find all the information on the device described. According to user reviews, it is a very effective remedy for herpes. The price is 25.95 euros with free shipping.

How to cure herpes simplex with natural remedies

If herpes has already appeared, you candabstarting to take care of your immune defenses and in the meantime alleviate the symptoms using godsgrandmother's remediesornatural remedies like:

Lemon juice

Against herpes it is sufficient to squeeze a few drops of lemon on a clean cloth and possibly cotton, to make a 15-minute compress several times a day on the affected area. The acidity of the lemon will help causticize the bubbles, speeding up the formation of crusts. Lemon juice is one of the oldest grandmother's remedies for treating cold sores.


Vinegar compresses are also effective against herpes. Also in this case you will have to do some compresses several times a day. If the burning is too strong, after the pack pass an ice cube. If you are wondering, yes, vinegar, just like lemon burns but echinacea does not!


It is known for its ability to strengthen the immune defenses, as well as stimulate them. If you are a relapse of the virus, opt for herbal teas based on echinacea. If you already have this disorder, buy an echinacea ointment, easily available in herbal medicine.

Oil 31

It is a multi-herbal tincture rich in antibacterial, antiviral and anti-inflammatory properties and is also perfect for those suffering from herpes simplex. This remedy is useful both in case of labile herpesthat of genital herpes. Just put a few drops on a cotton cloth or a cotton ball and make a compress several times a day.


This plant boasts dermopathic properties. It can be taken as an oral infusion or as a preparation for daily compresses on the affected area.

There are many who argue that ice is effective against herpes; just insert two ice cubes in a plastic bag, and put them on the affected area before herpes appears, at the first symptoms.

How to cure herpes, foods to avoid

Since herpes can also be caused by some particular foods, it is better to avoid foods rich in arginine such as chocolate, soy, lupins, etc. Also avoid coffee, sodas and alcohol.

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