How to cure cyclamen

How to cure cyclamen

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How to cure cyclamen:all instructions forgrow cyclamen indoorsor from outside. Treatments for the plant and what to do in case of yellow leaves and diseases.

Among the ornamental plants we can cultivate in autumn or in the garden directly in winter, we find the colorful ones cyclamen.

Flowering of cyclamen, how long does it last?

There flowering of cyclamengenerally it lasts from September until May. But let's see in detail how to cure cyclamen indoors and outdoors, following some useful information.

Outdoor cyclamen

THE cyclamen they resist very well to the cold so they can also stay outside the house, in fact they do not existoutdoor cyclamenor indoors. The same varieties, with the necessary precautions, can be grown outside the garden as well as indoors.

In both circumstances, be careful to choose a bright and not too hot environment: the ideal temperature is 18 degrees.

Cyclamen in the house, how to cure it

How to cure cyclamen at home? Just follow these precautions.

Cyclamen cannot stay near heat sources, they must stay away from radiators, but also away from doors: sudden drafts can damage the plant.

When grown at home, cyclamen must be vaporized with a certain periodicity, to ensure the right level of humidity. How often should you vaporize the plants? It depends on the environment: if it is very dry, vaporize every two days.

Make sure that the soil is always moist, paying attention to stagnant water: the roots could rot. As a precaution, you can pour the water into the saucer, wait a couple of hours and then remove the excess water, not absorbed by the plant.

When to irrigate cyclamen? If you notice that the plant is dropping its leaves, it means that it is thirsty! Awithered cyclamenhe is probably suffering from thirst: the phenomenon of cell turgor is regulated precisely by the presence of water inside the plant cell and the vacuoles themselves.

When the roots absorb water, they transfer it to the cells of the green parts (of the leaves) which swell and recover turgor. If the leaves wither and wilt, the plant probably needs more water. Cyclamen always want moist but never soggy soil.

How to cure cyclamen from outside

Let's talk about cyclamen for outdoor use. As stated, there are no indoor or outdoor varieties but there is a general rule: small cyclamen are more resistant to cold than large ones! THE large-flowered cyclamen they are selected from nurseries for the size of the corollas and, generalizing, it can be said that they are better suited for the cultivation at home, while small cyclamen are more rustic and resistant to cold. Small cyclamen have a more elegant appearance.

If temperatures drop to around 0 - 1 ° C, move the cyclamen to a more sheltered area.

How to store cyclamen in the summer

Since cyclamen cease vegetative activity in summer, place them in a shady place and water them every now and then.

Once i flowers wither, eliminate them by pulling off the stem too: also the dry leaves must be eliminated, in order to prevent them from rotting. If, in the summer, you leave thecyclamenoutdoors, make sure they are not directly exposed to the sun which would burn the bulbs.

Cyclamen, repotting

It is not necessary to repot the cyclamen often, so do the operation in spring, but only if you notice that the roots have completely filled the container: the roots sprout through the drainage hole of the pot.

To fill the pot, use a good mixed soil mixing one part of sand and one part of peat in equal measure.

On the bottom of the vase lay a piece of earthenware: it will serve to ensure proper water drainage.

How to cure cyclamen from diseases

Pay attention to the gray mold and the red spider: in the first case you should notice some rot on the petals and on the central part of the plant. To remedy this, you will need to remove the damaged parts and apply a fungicide afterwards.

Cyclamen with yellow leaves

The red spider instead causes theyellowing of the leaves, also involving the fall of the same. To remedy this, you will have to remove the unwanted guest with your hands using a cotton swab. Then you will need to spray the foliage of the plant to increase the humidity.

In the absence of disease, yellow leaves could be linked to watering errors (excess water) or nutritional deficiencies. Make sure that the soil is not too soaked with water and give it a specific fertilizer.

How to fertilize cyclamen

Betweencareto dedicate tocultivation of cyclamenfertilization must not be missing, especially if the plant is grown in pots.

To fertilize thecyclamen, use a fertilizer rich in phosphorus, zinc and iron, preferably natural and obtained from plant extracts. You can buy specific fertilizers or, if you have it at home, use a fertilizer for flowering plants but only if enriched with zinc and iron.

Among the various market proposals, on "this Amazon page" I point out several specific fertilizers for cyclamen, if you do not like online shopping, go to nurseries and garden centers and, in the absence of a specific fertilizer for cyclamen, buy a fertilizer for bulbous plants.

How to care for potted cyclamen

Forcultivate cyclamen in potsyou have to follow the same rules seen above. If you want a flower bed or ajarfull of flowers, you can choose a 70cm rectangular planter and fill it withcyclamenand bergenie. These two plants have good cold resistance and live well together.

This solution is useful if you want to grow cyclamen on the terrace or balcony. The important thing is that the area is not excessively windy, otherwise the plants may be affected. Bergenia, in a limited way, manages to protect cyclamen from the wind, so this combination is even more convenient when you intend to grow cyclamen on the terrace or balcony.

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