Pressotherapy: benefits

Pressotherapy: benefits

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Pressotherapy is the name of a much used treatment to go to improve the functioning of the circulatory system and the lymphatic system because it is able to facilitate the processes of elimination from the body that already occur naturally, of those toxic substances that can circulate in the body.

We find the pressotherapy often recommended as a lymphatic drainage for those who want to reduce water retention and promote the flow of lymph inside its vessels. This prevents stagnation in some areas of the body, especially in the end which are the most “at risk” areas.

Pressotherapy: what it is

This treatment has implications both on the medical side and on the aesthetic side circulatory system and lymphatic system because it can also fight cellulite as it reduces the water retention from lymphedema. The result is very visible on the gboth.

Let's not forget, however, that pressotherapy helps us first of all to eliminate toxic substances from the body, this also involves a streamlining effect, at times, but only if you also do a 'adequate physical activity. Pressotherapy alone does not do magic!

Pressotherapy: it works

The fact that it facilitates some processes, those mentioned above, is proven, therefore the pressotherapy works, the important thing is to do it regularly and not expect it to perform miracles. Much also depends on the starting situation and ours lifestyle which cannot be anarchist, while we focus everything on pressotherapy to get back to health.

How does it work? Knowing this is useful for convincing yourself that this is the case. Applies pressure in the area to be treated with a kind of cushions that emit air jets. The therapist uses them to cover the patient, no special preparation is required, just show up for the session on an empty stomach. Let us remember that it is not recommended in case of pregnancy, or to those with diabetes with microangiopathy, deep vein thrombosis or liver cirrhosis.

Pressotherapy: benefits

This treatment is indicated against cellulite and water retention, especially for those suffering from lymphedema. Pressotherapy redefines the legs and encourages the elimination of toxic substances from the body, it favors the slimming of some parts of the body if combined with adequate physical activity and an adequate diet. It can also reduce traumatic edema as well improves skin oxygenation, skin tone and integrity.

This type of treatment is in some cases indicated for the postoperative lymphedema and to relieve pain induced by certain sports injuries to which reduces stress.

Pressotherapy at home

To carry out pressure therapy at home, you can invest in a special device, like this one for sale on Amazon at 500 euros. It consists of 2 leggings and an abdominal-buttock band, and offers various programs including those for massage, lymphatic drainage, anti-cellulite, water retention and relaxation.

Pressotherapy: home use

Usually when purchasing a device like this you want to carry out regular treatments, also for aesthetic purposes, on the legs as well as on the abdominal level, on the back and on the lower abdomen.

An electronic device is then very practical, at home, considering that a pressotherapy session lasts from 30 to 50 minutes and that the minimum number of sessions, so that the pressure therapy is effective, about 8 or 9.

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