Grow potatoes in pots

Grow potatoes in pots

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How to grow potatoes in pots: a guide togrowing potatoes in pots or bags. How to grow potatoes from a sprouted potato.

There Solanum Tuberosum, is a perennial plant that belongs to the Solanaceae family, whose tubers are the most consumed and at the same time most cultivated food in the world.

Solanum Tuberosum is the botanical name of the commune potato, a very popular food in the kitchen, so much so that you ask when and how to grow potatoes in pots!

There cultivation of potatoes it does not necessarily need a large green space, there are plants that can be grown in pots to be kept on the terrace or balcony. In this regard we will seehow to grow potatoes in pots to always have one of the most versatile vegetables in the kitchen available at home.

How to grow potatoes in pots

For grow potato plants in pots you must get a sufficiently large container, with a diameter of at least 25 - 30 centimeters even if… deljarinterests more thedepth. The potato is a tuber that grows underground, thejarit must be deep enough to allow the development of a good number of tubers. You can also use a common bin if you prefer or choose thecultivationsome potatoes in a burlap sack.

For the variety of potato to choose, focus on the early or very early ones, which will bear fruit in a short time. In pot, in the same way, it will be possiblecultivatealsoAmerican potatoes, sweet potatoes, red potatoes and purple potatoes!

How to grow potatoes in pots from a potato

For thiscultivationit is not necessary to buy seedlings eitherseeds. It's possiblegrow potatoesstarting from a tuber that has developed the first shoots as shown in the photo below. Cut the tuber (the potato) into as many parts as there are sprouts. During planting, keep in mind that each piece with a sprout will give life to a potato plant. Herelike planting a potato in a pot.

  1. Fill the container with compost mixed soil to create a substrate
  2. Place some potatoes with the bud. As stated, to get them just leave the potato in the light for a few days. Alternatively, you can use pre-sprouted potatoes purchased in a specialized shop. In any case you will need to make sure that the shoots are sufficiently robust.
  3. Water constantly but only to keep the soil moist but not too much to prevent them from rotting: pay attention to stagnant water
  4. Tuck up the soil by adding a little soil from time to time, making sure that the new roots are constantly covered
  5. Place the container in a sunny place

About three months after planting, the leaves will change color, which means that the potatoes have reached maturity.

Useful information: cut the potatoes in half and leave them in the air for two days before being placed on the ground, making sure that the bud is facing upwards.

When to plant potatoes

When are potatoes planted? It is good to avoid periods that are too hot or too cold, in this regard we can adapt to the climate of the area where we live: in the Center-North it is better to plant it from February to June, while in the warmer areas of the South it is better to take advantage of the cooler months and plant it from September and December.

In summary, pay attention to the temperature of the soil, making sure it is below 7 ° and not above 25 °.

Vase or sack

As stated, for thePotato cultivation in potsyou have to pay attention to choose a large enough container. If you have deep planters at home you can use those but, as an alternative to pots, you can grow potatoes in jute bags or specially made. The bags available on the market, generally, have an opening in the lower part that allows the harvest of potatoes without the need to excavate or top up the entire pot. This way you will have the opportunity to harvest the potatoes when they have reached the size you want.

To get an idea of ​​the bags just described, I refer you to "this Amazon page" where a pack of 2 bags for growing potatoes in containers is offered at a price of € 13.90 with free shipping. In each container it is possible to plant 3 - 4 potato plants.

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