Phototherapy: cost and benefits

Phototherapy: cost and benefits

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Phototherapy, so no photographer is needed and there are no selfies but lights, special lights, including that of the sun, but also others for specific skin disorders, for example, or mood. The sadness associated with the beginning of winter in many less bright countries than ours in that season is faced with phototherapy which, however, has many other useful applications.

Phototherapy what it is

This healing technique is based on the use of light, translated from Greek, “Light therapy"And is often used to counteract the effects of dermatological disorders such as psoriasis, acne and eczema. Even those with sleep problems can benefit from phototherapy which acts in case of alterations in the circadian rhythm and episodes of insomnia.

As mentioned, it is a possible additional cure if you are coping psychiatric illnesses such as seasonal affective disorder in which, however, it must clearly be accompanied by other types of intervention.

When you undergo a session of this therapy you are placed near a source of natural light, like the sun, or artificial, for an exposure time that usually varies from 30 minutes to two hours. IS' preferable in the morning but it depends on the commitments of the day and also on the individual subjects who choose to do phototherapy.

When you use artificial light, you put yourself in what you call it "Light box" and the light that reaches us stimulates the "chemicals" that act on the brain, producing an effect on mood or by synchronizing circadian rhythms.

Uvb phototherapy

There light used can be of various types and it also changes color and intensity depending on the effect we want to obtain from the phototherapy session. If you want to simulate heliotherapy, then you choose the broad spectrum light, with the soft laser (low intensity), they are cured instead problems such as pain and inflammation.

Patients can usually undergo light of broadband UV-B spectrum, narrowband UV-B spectrum, or P-UVA rays (Psoralen + UV-A). In this case, a drug, Psoralen, is combined with the light, which is called a sensitizer because increases the effect of UV-A radiation on the skin.

There is also the possibility to undergo one photodynamic therapy in which gods are also employed non-toxic photosensitizing compounds activated by beams of light at a preset wavelength so as to become selectively toxic and destroy malignant or otherwise pathological cells.

Cost phototherapy

Given the variety of types of phototherapy existing today, it is difficult to estimate the cost of a session or a cycle of sessions. It is important to consult a doctor before jumping into this type of treatment, also to understand if they are the only ones needed or if they go side by side with others based on drugs or psychotherapy.

Neonatal phototherapy

When applied to children in their first days of life, phototherapy is not for treating seasonal depression but neonatal jaundice. Even later in life, this type of light-based treatment is useful for the treatment of skin disorders, especially psoriasis and can also be applied to children without causing too many worries because it is safe and it has few side effects.

Jaundice phototherapy

The effect on jaundice it remains even when the sufferer is not a newborn and the light is sometimes good therapeutic solution for patients not responsive to pharmacological treatments or who experience side effects from conventional medical treatment.

Often those who suffer from skin problems are told to stay in the sun, with the appropriate precautions, and it is no coincidence. It is a kind of DIY phototherapy, being in the sun is good for you, if you can benefit from the sunlight to feel better, it is an advantage not to be laughed at since it is free and there is no shortage of it in our area. Even if you are not depressed, it still helps to stay in a good mood.

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