How to have a fragrant home

How to have a fragrant home

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How to have a fragrant home: tips for having a good clean smell at home. From natural remedies to the most effective DIY to perfume home.

Who among us wouldn't want to have onehomealwaysclean and fragrantThe house represents our living space: this is where we spend most of our time and a clean and welcoming environment can really make a difference! Without thinking that when we receive our guests, the house is our "business card", and something that reflects our way of being…. None of us would like to look scruffy, neglected or even dirty! In this article we will seelike having a fragrant home but as long as you respect theABCgood hygiene.

House cleaning

A house with a good clean smellcannot do without a thorough cleaning. In the guidehow to clean the house without detergentwe have explained how to provide for the classic house cleaning using vinegar, baking soda and lemon. Although apparently it may seem a contradiction to you, vinegar is excellent for eliminating bad smells in drawers and for cleaning carpets or reviving the colors of upholstery (sofa, carpets ...): acetic acid (vinegar) is extremely volatile then you will smell that marked smell for a few hours as long as you ventilate the room well.

How to have a fragrant home

We cannot explain to you in this paragraphlike having a home that smells good and clean, Why? Why "that good clean smell "it is linked to a number of chemical compounds contained in detergents. Someone suggests toperfume homeusing fabric softener ... undoubtedly you will have a fragrant home but ... at what cost? The volatile compounds that cause that "good clean smell" are substances that are often bad for your health and, at best, are hypersensitizing and allergenic.

Then how to perfume your homeYou can aim fornatural productsand do-it-yourself remedies. To quote the great classics:

  • Fresh plants and flowers
  • Dried flowers like lavender
  • Citrus peels
  • Pine barks
  • Incense
  • Aromatic plant leaves
  • Essential oils

To have a fragrant home you can also start from the garden. If you have a bit of space or a balcony outside the house, you can consider growing those flowering plants with an intense scent, when you open the window to air the rooms, that good scent of nature will come into the house! In the articleClimbing plants with flowerswe reveal which are the most fragrant ones that can serve you for this purpose.

You can also grow plants with fragrant flowers at home: this is the case with hyacinths, daffodils, freesias and other fragrant bulbs!

Incense, once highly appreciated, is now far too underestimated!

When we talk about incense we do not refer to those long sticks rich in scented oils ... we refer to the classic incense which is given by dry leaves to be burned or resin incense.

All you need is a burner and natural resin incense to always have a fragrant home. If you want to avoid buying burners, you can use an old candle holder or an ashtray, it will be fine anyway.

To understand what we are talking about, I refer you to a set of assorted resins, offered on Amazon at the price of 22.32 euros with free shipping. For all the info and photos:Assorted resin set.On Amazon and in specialized stores there are even cheaper sets and collections, we recommend this only because we have had the opportunity to try it and it is actually 100% natural, as opposed to some strange resinous mixtures!

Forpurify the air of the housewe point out an ancient remedy used by Native Americans: burning dried white sage leaves. White sage is able to eliminate 94% of bacteria and microorganisms present in the house, an excellent remedy even in case of unpleasant odors or mold.

To conclude with a flourish, we point out the use of essential oils for home fragrancebut to take advantage of the smells you will necessarily have to buy an aroma diffuser. To take advantage of essential oils to perfume home you can use them to make natural scented candles. For every information: how to make candles at home.

Please note
On the market you can find perfumed oils but only rarely are they really natural. For example, natural almond oil tends to oxidize and have a bad smell within a few days. When you buy an oil, whether it is essential or obtained by pressing, make sure that it is really 100% natural otherwise you risk polluting your home rather than perfume it.

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