Banana for the dog

Banana for the dog

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Banana for the dog, do not panic, that's fine, because the banana is one of the few fruits that our four-legged friend can tolerate without problems. In the case of the banana, it can also be said that he can taste it why it is good for him and has a taste that is also pleasant to the canine palate.

Banana for dogs

When dogs live in close contact with us, it can happen that they are intrigued by fruit and that some flavor is also found in them. interesting and appetizing. It must also be said that often the dog, out of loyalty to the owner, tastes what we give him without asking too much questions.

So that's what the banana for the dog is a good fruit which does not make us worry. Fruit, given in moderate quantities, has a beneficial effect and is not poisonous, as some claim. However, it is essential to choose well which fruits to give to the animal and never exceed the portions.

In addition to the banana for the dog, we find in the list of suitable fruit, at least other 4 fruits: cantaloupe, watermelon, kiwi and pear.

The problem that dogs can have with fruit is related tohigh sugar content which causes these foods to ferment in the stomach, creating discomfort and even real health problems in the long run. When we give the animal the banana, let it be never directly from the table: it should be cut into pieces and placed in the bowl so that it understands that it is a banana for the dog and not ours.

Banana for dogs: biscuits

With the banana for the dog we can cook gods good cookies, appetizing for our greedy friends, easy for us masters. For 25/30 biscuits, you need 150 gr of wholemeal or rice flour, a banana, a whole egg and two teaspoons of honey, together with a little water so that the dough is full-bodied and can fill a mold, preferably bone or heart shaped.

Banana for the dog: cake

In addition to biscuits we can also cook one banana cake for the dog. It is no more difficult than cookies or any other human cake. Two cups of water are needed, two bananas, preferably ripe, a touch of vanilla to flavor, three cups of flour, half a teaspoon of yeast, one egg and three teaspoons of honey.

Banana for dogs: benefits

Clarified and repeated that it has no harmful effects on the dog, banana also turns out a cure-all in some respects which we are now going to explore. It is known, due to the use made of it at the table, that it should be understood as an irreplaceable source of potassium and carbohydrates.

With a half a banana for the dog helps him to avoid cramps and improve muscle condition. This is especially useful after long walks or after intense physical activity.

This applies to the banana but not to the peel that is difficult to digest in addition to being the part most exposed to treatments, therefore full of pesticides and other toxic substances which, if ingested, do not give any benefit, indeed!

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