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Headache diary

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Headache diary, it may seem strange to start keeping it, as if to keep track of a disorder that we would rather forget we have. Instead it is very useful keep track of the moments when the pain is most felt, when and where. To discover, at times, even some unexpected "why".

Headache diary

The headache diary it is a useful tool for recording the frequency of attacks and also the clinical characteristics over the course of a month, minimum, or a longer period. It is not an invention, a media gimmick, it is a means really useful also to doctors that are helping us to cure headaches.

It is primarily used by the doctor, in fact, more than by the patient who compiles it, because he can do it better understand, data in hand, the most suitable medical therapy from time to time. Not all headaches are the same, indeed, I would say that there is not one identical to the other. With the headache diary, over time you can even get to prevent attacks or mitigate their effects.

Headache diary: app

Technology meets those who don't have habit, patience or manner to grab a pen and paper and write down his headache attack data. Especially if they are frequent and if you are a little careless, it can happen!

Then there are those who invented it the "Headaches" app, a real delay, but accessible from a mobile phone, comfortable and usable, which helps us to collect and organize information about our headaches. We can keep track of the intensity and location of pain each time, corresponding hours of sleep and eating habits.

It starts with the fill out a personal profile with information that will then be crossed with that of the headache diary in which there is space to take note of stress, physical activity, nutrition, environmental conditions and other factors that can cause the onset of headache. Those who are curious or interested can find information on the site

Headache Diary: Children

One way to convince "children" with the cell phone to track their headaches in a methodical way, it can certainly be the propose the app, otherwise we will have to do it for them. If it comes to small children it is inevitable but unfortunately it is not the same because it is difficult to describe the pain if you don't try it yourself.

Headache diary: schedules

It is essential mark the times in the headache diary in which we usually find spaces divided by days of the month in which to enter information regarding pain, associated symptoms and the therapy taken. If we don't have severe headache attacks, we don't have to write anything, so that the diary is easy to read, you can also help yourself by creating acronyms so you don't waste too much time to take note.

Headache diary: remedies

One time compiled the diary for a month, you can evaluate the remedies together with the doctor trying to prefer the natural ones. Among these we find sporting activity, regular sleep sleeping on your back, alternating hot - cold, breathing exercises, self-massage and do-it-yourself acupressure.

There are also people who brush up on a ancient remedy such as a tight bandage on the head and going to bed with the light off. And the smile that puts you in a good mood, a natural medicine against headache, and more!

Headache Diary: Pregnancy

With a red notebook, from Moleskine, for 13 euros purchasable on Amazon, you can keep a headache diary for the period of pregnancy and the months to follow where the headache is likely to be from lack of sleep.

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