Binge watching: meaning

Binge watching: meaning

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Binge watching, until a few decades ago almost no one heard of it, at least in Italy, but now this has become a term of almost daily use or at least quite common, especially for those who are passionate about movies and of TV series. If we don't know what this means, we most likely don't suffer from this disorder.

Binge watching: meaning

It is English, as a term, and derives from the act of binge-watch, that is, watching television programs for a period of time above average, much above average, so much so that it gives the eye to those who hang out with us as that fixed in front of the TV. In particular, with the word binge watching, you want to describe those people who not alone do not take their eyes off the TV screen but that they "shoot" a series of different episodes consecutively, without stopping, of the same series, the one they sometimes come to take as an alternative reality so much they are involved in what they are watching.

It is difficult to translate the term binge watching in Italian, because an expression comes out that does not have the same effectiveness and the same power: "TV marathon".

Binge watching: tv series

Most cases of binge watching concerns fans of television series and are perhaps the first cases that have been identified, in unsuspected times, before boxes with DVDs of an entire season of our favorite TV series and of sites to watch them in streaming.

The first TV series marathons date back to the late 1950s, then became more popular between the 1970s and 1980s. There are cult series that even non-fans know and that true fans devour, see and review, like "At the Edge of Reality "," Star Trek "and" Monty Python's Flying Circus ". The term, however, was born much later, when in 1996 the X-Files television series.

Binge watching Netflix

Netflix has changed the life of those who dedicate themselves to binge watching and perhaps it has increased the incidence of this phenomenon because it has made it much easier to engage in TV series marathons and also often cheaper.

The DVD had already changed habits, but the truth binge watching began to become popular in the early 2010s with Netflix and Hulu. In Italy with a few years of delay but Netflix has arrived to the delight of those who now use it instead of TV and satellite channels in common use.

In 2013 Netflix marked a further breakthrough in that sense, because it started also distribute unreleased television series. The "serial" enthusiasts found themselves with the manna that fell from heaven within reach of the PC, with the possibility of choosing between entire seasons of TV series available at the same time. It is no coincidence that in the same year this term was nominated for "Word of the year" for the Oxford Dictionaries website of Oxford University Press.

With the explanation “watch multiple episodes of a television program in rapid succession, usually via DVD or digital streaming”. Two years later, she became "Word of the year" for HarperCollins Collins English Dictionary.

Binge watching: depression

It is not always the case but the binge watching it can be a symptom of depression. As always, it depends on how a person dedicates himself to a certain activity, the purpose and the mood in which he does it. There are those who watch entire TV series so as not to think about their problems, to drown in it, forgetting its own reality that it no longer appreciates, and then yes it is depression.

But let's not forget that there are even fans who want to devote themselves to their favorite series to relax and maybe to spend a gray and cold Sunday in the warmth, taking a little break from the commitments of the week. So it is not depression, it is a more than legitimate way to "pamper yourself".

Binge watching: risks

As mentioned, if you overdo it with the episodes of Binge watching, this can suck us into a parallel reality and really become a way not to live or not face the daily problems and difficulties. This is told with irony and freshness in the episode One Moore Episode from Portlandia's second season.

In addition to the risk of depression, there are also the risk of excessive loneliness, that of becoming unable to self-manage, the risk of obesity, unless they look the TV series from the exercise bike.

Binge watching: tips

Advice on TV series, this is not the place to supply them, there are a lot of specialized sites that day by day tell the news and cult series not to be missed or recovered. Instead, it is important in the green context to understand how take no risk of those mentioned while not assuming a too ascetic attitude.

In the USA the it affects over 70% of citizens, in Italy we do not touch these numbers, fortunately, but it is good to understand when it comes to a problem, watching TV, or a pleasure. There are those who see positive sides in this habit, for example the being able to have a unified view of the work to capture the more complicated aspects of the textures and shades.

Let's take care of the station from which we watch TV, taking care not to cause back pain and above all to play down, with a pillow suitable for Binge watching, nice, a Emoji, a few euros for sale on Amazon and anti depression.

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