How to use coconut oil

How to use coconut oil

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L'coconut oil it is a precious ally for the natural care of our body; contains a high amount of antioxidants and nutrients such as to make it a product with antibacterial and antiviral action. It is very suitable for the care of face and body skin, as well as hair.

Its uses are many; in this regard we will show you how to use coconut oil for the care of our beauty in a completely natural way.

How to use coconut oil on hair

L'coconut oil it has a high quantity of lauric acid, a substance with strong antibacterial and antiviral properties which, for internal use, strengthens the immune defenses while when applied to the hair it helps purify them, especially if you add a few drops of tea tree essential oil.

Coconut oil is particularly suitable for preparing pre-shampoo hair packs. On dry hair, it can be used to polish and make the hair brighter (used in small quantities) or as a compress for split ends and, in this case, it will be necessary to rinse afterwards. Due to its composition, coconut oil makes hair stronger and shinier, as well as nourishing it deeply.

How to use coconut oil on the skin

L'coconut oil it is very suitable for moisturizing dry skin on the body. Personally, I use coconut oil for this purpose, both in summer and in winter. Also great for preparing the skin for waxing and to soothe it afterwards. Those with dry skin know how difficult it is to find products that are really able to absorb and keep the skin hydrated. I can say that coconut oil is perfect for soft skin, with a homogeneous (not flaky) and silky texture.

Just apply it all over the body in small doses and gently massage along the entire surface to be treated, including the face. I always recommend its use, after a shower, to be applied when the body is still wet.

It can also be used for a natural scrub, for the body or for the skin of the face. Like? Just mix it with sea salt, so as to quickly create a natural scrub with an exfoliating action, useful before waxing or at the end of summer, when the tan is no longer even.

We can also add it to the bath water for an emollient bath or use it to facilitate shaving if, instead of waxing, we prefer to shave with a razor.

On the feet it can be used to soften the heels or to massage the toes and prevent fungal infections.

How to use coconut oil on the face

Coconut oil proves to be an effective natural ally against facial skin aging; gives youth and elasticity to the skin, guaranteeing beneficial nourishment for the skin. Coconut oil is easily reabsorbed, it can be used both as a substitute for moisturizer and as a cleanser and natural make-up remover for the face. Yes, those looking for a good natural make-up remover can rely on this vegetable oil.

How to use coconut oil for white teeth

To havewhite teeth, does coconut oil really work? The American Dental Association (ADA) pointed out that there is no scientific evidence that can prove the effectiveness of coconut oil in dental care. It must be said, however, that most of the ADA's research is funded by toothpaste manufacturers, it is no coincidence that the research was immediately reported on the US portals of companies such as Colgate.

The practice of using thecoconut oilto have white teeth and healthy, it is very old. It is an Asian and Indian practice also reported on the "Journal of Ayurveda and Integrative Medicine“.

How to use coconut oil in cooking

In addition to how moisturizing oil and nutrients for skin and hair, coconut oil can be used in the kitchen. For this use, of course, you will have to choose a food-grade coconut oil and you cannot use the same one purchased for cosmetic use. L'edible coconut oil it is often described as a miraculous food supplement but the reality is quite different.

It is true, coconut oil is rich in lauric acid and this helps to strengthen the immune system, however we do not recommend ingesting a spoonful of coconut oil a day as recommended by many portals ... rather we recommend using it.coconut oil instead of vegetable margarines, hydrogenated fats and animal fats for the preparation of baked goods.

Coconut oil, in fact, is not suitable for frying and, to dress the salad, it is better to use olive oil. However, for the preparation of sweets or other baked goods that involve the use of butter, margarine and fats with a solid consistency, coconut oil is a healthier alternative. For all information onwhere to buy edible coconut oil and what are yoursnutritional values, we invite you to visit the general page dedicated to the properties of coconut oil.

Coconut oil, where to buy it and how much does it cost?

If you are wonderingwhere to buy coconut oil, the answer is simple: you can find this product in the most well-stocked herbalists, or by taking advantage of the online purchase.

On Amazon, for example, an excellent product with an excellent quality / price ratio is 100% Pure Organic Virgin Coconut Oil, offered at a price of 10.49 euros with free shipping.

I recommend this product not only because I have personally tested it but also because it has organic certification issued bySoil Association.

For all product info: 100% Pure Organic Virgin Coconut Oil

Is coconut oil liquid or solid?
Upon purchase, thecoconut oil, has a "solid" consistency, in summer coconut oil will tend to melt and become liquid so it is recommended to keep it in the fridge if you want to preserve its solid consistency. For the preparation of creams, just hold it in your hands to melt it.

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