Guar gum: price and what it is

Guar gum: price and what it is

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Guar gum, thickener and gelling agent, widely used both in the food and cosmetic sectors, with numerous properties that few people know. It is one of those substance present on the label but which few pay attention to, so it often happens that even small quantities are taken but without knowing what it is and what effects it can have on our health. For better or for worse.

Guar gum: what it is

From a chemical point of view, guar gum is a hydrocolloid polysaccharide, consisting mainly of high molecular weight galactomannans. THE galactomannans they are polymers formed by linear chains of mannose monomers, branched with monosaccharide units of galactose.

Another natural alternative to guar gum is carob seed flour, made up of 90 - 98% galactomannans!

The too technical part is over, let's go back to guar gum and to guar which is one plant (Cyamopsis tetragonolobus) belonging to the legume family, originally from India but today it is also cultivated in many other areas. Maximum 2 meters high, it produces pods with 5-9 seeds and it is from the seeds that we get the rubber. Like?

By drying them and then peeling them to separate the egg white from the external integuments, finally grinding them to obtain a water-soluble powder, ivory-white. In addition to the name of gum, we also find it called with that of guar flour.

Guar gum for weight loss

We also find this thickener in diets for weight loss, due to its hygroscopic properties which favor gastric distension and lead to a decreased appetite. There are some studies that claim that guar gum also leads to one reduction in blood levels of cholesterol and triglycerides.

Guar gum: properties

Beyond the fact of losing weight, the guar gum it has very interesting and useful properties to know. Composed of 70-80% galactomannan, water (10-13%), proteins (4-5%), crude fibers (1.5-2%), fats (0.50-0.75%) and traces of iron, it is widely used in the food and cosmetic industry. When it comes into contact with water it absorbs significant quantities, forming particularly viscous solutions. It does not matter if the water is hot or cold, even the pH does not affect its action.

There guar gum it has emollient and softening properties that make it useful for the well-being of the skin, which is why it is used for the production of moisturizing and cleansing creams and for hair creams. Like thickener, stabilizer and thickener, this gum is an important ingredient for the preparation of products such as ice creams, sauces, preserved meats and drinks. On the label it is indicated with the initials E412, it is also good for those suffering from high cholesterol.

Guar gum: recipes

We find the guar gum in many gluten free recipes where it acts as a thickener since many others are "prohibited" for those who follow this diet. Among the foods that can contain it there are creams, sauces, ice creams, drinks, jams.

Guar gum: contraindications

Those who use a lot of guar gum hoping to lose weight may find one real addiction, because the longer it is taken, and in increasing quantities, the greater the positive effects on weight loss. Never exceed the recommended doses however, not to risk intestinal disorders such as flatulence and bloating. In the long run, this gum can also significantly reduce the absorption of nutrients useful to the body and antibiotics if we are taking them at the same time.

Guar gum: where to buy

The most convenient way to shop guar gum is e-commerce. On Amazon you can find packs of 400 grams of pure powder for 14 euros, odorless and tasteless, easy to dissolve in hot or cold water that is.
This “magic” powder is perfect for thickening and binding ingredients avoiding the loss of water. Many use it to make bread and pasta, gel and jelly, ice cream but also foams and jams.

Guar gum: price

Half Kg of guar gum powder it costs about twenty euros. We also take into account that when it is taken to lose weight, for example, the recommended dose is 15-20 grams / day.

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