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How to jog properly: indications to start practicing jogging correctly. From the support of the foot to the posture. Instructions for those who want to start from scratch and tips for jogging with the dog.

Jogging, what is it

It is a form of light running or slow running.

The word Jogging literally means, from the English verb "to jog",proceed in leaps, a harmonious and pleasant ride. In Italy the wordsjoggingisfootingare used interchangeably.

Difference between running and jogging

What is thedifference between jogging and going for a run?The difference lies in the intensity. The actual ride is faster, while thejogging or joggingit's a sweeter ride. The movements are the same only made with less intense rhythms that must never exceed a speed of 10 km / h.

From a physical point of view, thejoggingit is an exclusively aerobic activity while with running, the high intensity pushes you to run at different rhythms, even in anaerobiosis. If your idea is to run, you can start joggingand then increase in intensity. I have reported many tips to start running from scratch in the guideHow to start running.

What are the benefits for those who practice jogging

The main purpose of thejoggingis to increase the psychophysical well-being of those who undertake this training, without undergoing the physical stress ofrunningreal. To practisejoggingstimulates the cardiovascular and respiratory systems, making breathing deeper and more regular. Like any physical activity, thejogginghelps prevent hypertension and arterial pathologies, maintain good bone density and preserve muscle integrity.

How to jog for weight loss

Among other benefits, the footinghelps keep weight under control and is useful for those who want to lose weight.How to jog to lose weight?Perform training sessions lasting more than 30 minutes.

How to jog properly

It is important to take good care of posture. For a correct "gentle run", you need to keep your torso aligned with your feet and your head straight. The arms must follow the rhythm of the legs which must never be stiff. The pace must be slow and steady.

If you have postural problems, it is important to consult a doctor before starting to run or jog, this is not an unnecessary precaution but a duty towards yourself: you must give yourself the opportunity to joggiung correctly without placing excessive load on the vertebrae or straining the muscles which, due to incorrect posture, remain contracted for too long.

If you are often hunched over with your back or have a tendency to bring your neck forward, take a square x-ray of the spine to avoid any discomfort.

When jogging, should the foot be supported by the toe or the heel?

Just like running, thefootingprovides a support with a balanced distribution of weight. Avoid landing with the toes so as not to stress the Achilles tendon too much. Ideally, you should touch the ground with your middle foot so that your knee is in line with each stride.

To get startedjogging, take short steps and only when you have found the right coordination can you lengthen your stride.

How to start from scratch?

At the beginning, you can schedule two weekly outings of 20 - 30 minutes and then gradually increase the duration of the workouts to reach one-hour sessions within the second month.

At what pace should you jog?

Our advice is to use your feeling of "out of breath" as an index of the threshold at which to slow down. If you get too tired, training becomes not very fun and not very productive, especially at the beginning.

Then you can use one of the many Smartphone Apps that detect your pace and your route. Runtastic is among those we recommend.

You can also invest in the purchase of a GPS watch in order to have tailor-made workouts.

If you want to know how long it will take you to travel a certain route at your own pace, you can use ours Running pace calculator

Our calculator will also help you identify the pace you need to take to cover a certain distance in a set time. For example, to determine at what pace you will need to run to cover 5km on your 45-minute lunch break.

Like jogging with your dog

If you want to train with your dog, thefootingit is much more suitable than running! Keep in mind that your dog must be of a breed suitable for running and in good health to keep up with you (consult a veterinarian).

In the practice ofjogging with the dog, try to figure out which gait is best suited to your four-legged friend.

What do you need for jogging with the dog? A harness to H in order to make the dog free to make his movements.

There are many running dogs they can dojoggingwith you. Among these I point out: boxer, German shepherd, labrador, golden retriever

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