Japanese Kobe cow

Japanese Kobe cow

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Japanese Kobe cow, not just any cow and not any meat his. It has been more easily found in our country for some years now and it has very special characteristics. It is not just a high quality meat, as we have many too made in Europe or South America. There are ways to breed the Japanese Kobe cow which make its meat precious and different. Even convinced vegetarians may be curious to understand why.

Japanese Kobe cow

It is not enough for a cow to be born in Japan to be called by right “Japanese cow from Kobe". In this country the denominations are given in a very precise and scrupulous way, there is a strict regulation on beef which indicates that only the animals that are born, raised and slaughtered in Hyogo prefecture, of which Kobe is the capital, they can be called and eaten as Japanese Kobe cow. In this area there is the ideal habitat for animals such as cattle that they therefore have marbled meats and sweets.

The other meats of Japan are not at all to be thrown away, indeed, there are excellent quality ones but there Japanese cow from Kobe has precise and unrepeatable characteristics and it is also among the best known, to date, outside the Japanese borders. Its fame is so wide and ancient because Kobe was the first port to open to foreigners, as early as 1869, the meat of the Japanese Kobe cow was tasted before the others and burned them over time. For now it is the best known.

High-quality Japanese Kobe cow

The meat of this animal is valued because succulent and soft. This is well explained when investigating the ways in which these cattle are treated when alive.

In Japan this meat is obtained by keeping one strict diet based on cereals, beets and potatoes, with the addition of a daily ration of beer. It's not over: in addition to the particular diet, Japanese cows of this variety also come massage by hand with a horsehair glove. This operation causes the fat to be distributed within the muscle rather than remaining on the surface, and here is the marble effect that can be seen in Glance.

Japanese Kobe Cow: Meat

How can we explain the peculiarity of this meat without being tasted but only in words? Let's try. It is of high quality and contains few saturated and many polyunsaturated fats, so as for the blood tests of those who ingest it, these fats do not increase the levels of blood cholesterol.

You don't need to be an expert cow tasters to understand that this meat has nothing to do with that of other breeds that come from our own Italy, such as from Scotland, Ireland, Argentina and other countries who raise cattle.

Taking the fillet of Japanese Kobe cow to be cooked on the plate, you will immediately notice how thin veins of fat are present. They just melt in contact with heat and make the meat buttery, soft. Special!

Japanese dairy cow

These are not usually Japanese dairy cows that perform best when used for meat. Even the dairy ones, however, in Japan they enjoy treatment that is not common. In this country close surveillance of the genealogical line of beasts, the food is selected, very careful, with a strict control of the ingredients that must not be different from wheat, rice and hay. The places where these cows live in Japan are also monitored and must be free of sources of stress.

Japanese Kobe Cow: Beer

We have already mentioned it: this Japanese Kobe cow many would say it is a bit flawed. In addition to massages, he also drinks beer once a day. It's not a question of pampering, actually, but this drink leads animals to eat more. The beer is given almost only to the Japanese Kobe cow that belong to a breed called Tajima, selected because not all Tajima become Kobe cows.

It is a specific category of cows belonging to the macro-Japanese Black breed and the name Tajima derives from the homonymous mountainous area of ​​Hyogo prefecture, where these cattle are raised.

Japanese Kobe cow: price

To know the price of this meat, where to eat it and why, we recommend reading the dedicated article on Wagyu meat

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