Eliminate dark circles, all remedies

Eliminate dark circles, all remedies

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Tips for eliminate dark circles and the "eye bags". How dark circles are formed, causes and prevention.

On this page, however, we will focus on all the natural remedies for eliminate dark circles. Who just fails to eliminate dark circles you can use a good natural concealer to mask them or a delicate foundation but this is just the last resort!

Bags and dark circles, what they are

Many people tend to get confused betweenbags and dark circles. These are two different symptoms that can occur individually or jointly and afflict the area around the eyes.

What are dark circles?
Fordark circle we mean that area under the eyes that takes on a darker or even bluish color.

How are bags and dark circles formed?
Physiologically, the formation of theeye bagsit is given by the vasodilation of the capillaries of the lower eyelids. Theeye bagscan be seen as the antechamber ofeye bags: with the accumulation of fluids, the lower eyelids tend to swell and turn intoeye bags.

Bags and dark circlescan represent a blemish for the eye area, even if not always! Many celebrities from the world of entertainment flaunt dark circles and bags without problems but this does not mean that they are considered unattractive.

Bags and dark circles, causes and remedies

Often, the best remedy lies in eliminating what may be the potential causes of any disorder. In the case of bags and dark circles, the concept is the same: better to go to the root of the problem rather than the symptom!

For example, if theeye bagsthey are caused by an accumulation of fluid dictated by water retention or incorrect posture during sleep better to sleep on a cervical pillow and ensure good drainage of fluids (drink lots of water and consume less salty foods).

Similarly, theeye bagsthey can form due to an excessive accumulation of stress, lack of rest, allergy, circulatory disorders, asthenia, anemia ... So a healthy lifestyle, related to proper nutrition, should counteract the appearance of dark circles and lead to a progressive disappearance of themselves when they are present.

Speaking of bags and dark circles, there are those who say that a certain genetic predisposition may exist. So can dark circles be inherited? No, in practice, those who have a thinner skin layer right in the eye contour area are more prone to have dark circles but this does not mean we can speak ofgenetic inheritance!

How to cure dark circles

For fight dark circles there are a number of very useful natural remedies. Strategies forfight dark circlesprovide the right amount of rest and a more relaxed approach to life.

Fight dark circles with cucumber slices and green tea bags

The use ofnatural remedies decongestants as provided by the old grandmother's remedies! An example is the application of green tea bags infused in warm water and then placed on the eye, or the application of thin slices of potatoes or zucchini, preferably cold.

Heat treatment: cold and hot packs to improve blood circulation in the periocular area

It is a simple and affordable remedy for everyone. How to do? Apply ice to the area of ​​the dark circles and pat dry for about 30 - 60 seconds, alternate the application of ice with a pack of very hot water for as many 30 - 60 seconds.

Eliminate dark circles with natural clay

The pink clay is delicate enough to be used for the preparation of masks suitable for the eye area. In general, all clay masks soothe the skin, eliminate toxins, perform an anti-inflammatory action, balance the microcirculation of the blood so as to nourish even the most superficial states of the skin.

Pink clay, in particular, promotes cell renewal so it is also suitable for those with more mature skin. Besideseliminate dark circles, the pink clay mask is among theremediesmore effective also fordeflate bags under the eyes. Among other things, pink clay improves the elasticity of the skin in the eye area.

A clay mask is prepared with 1 tablespoon of pink clay and three tablespoons of distilled water. Those with very dehydrated and sensitive skin can use a spoonful of pink clay, two of distilled water and a spoonful of coconut oil, sweet almond oil or olive oil.

Where to buy pink clay?
Unfortunately, we are talking about a clay that is difficult to find, try asking in the most well-stocked herbalists and shops or take advantage of online sales. On Amazon, a 200-gram pack of high-quality pink clay can be bought for € 10.95.

Alternatives to the concealer, treat dark circles with specific creams

Rather than applying a good concealer for dark circles, we recommend that you choose a foundation that is delicate enough to also be used around the eyes.

In addition, there are some on the marketcreams against dark circlesborn to lighten dark circles, hydrate and tone to deflate bags and, at the same time, prevent the formation of wrinkles in the eye area.

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Other natural remedies

For other solutions, the guide article is available:Dark circles, natural remedies

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