Morning anxiety: natural remedies

Morning anxiety: natural remedies

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Morning anxiety, when the morning has no gold in its mouth. It often happens to those who are already anxious about their character, but this morning anxiety is a particular sensation that can disturb the soul even of those who have a serene and almost Zen attitude.

This anxiety comes as soon as you open your eyes, it catches us off guard and doesn't even give us time to figure out what time it is, what day it is and if it will rain today. It shows itself as one feeling of restlessness, insecurity and sometimes even profound fatigue.

Who is under attack by a morning anxiety he can fall at the mercy of pessimism and in the long run, day after day, suffer from depression for this morning anxiety is not to be underestimated.

Morning anxiety: causes

Often the causes they must be sought by looking within. It is useless to blame the unpleasant boss or the grumpy companion, the capricious son or the neighbor who makes noise at dawn. Morning anxiety comes from within.

It can be the result of a set of situations, sometimes incomprehensible, that get stuck in our head, perhaps without us realizing it, and that make us the anxiety rises and the heart rushes.

We feel like we are trapped, already from the early hours of the day, in a vortex of anxiety that we may not even know how to describe in words but that does not let us think. Morning anxiety it can also be caused by sleep disturbances, from an improper diet and high use of caffeine, during the day it can have obvious negative effects if neglected.

Morning anxiety: natural remedies

There are many natural remedies to cure non-pathological morning anxiety states. Yoga, yoga breathing, meditation and the relaxing herbal teas. And even in pharmacies we find homeopathic products that can also be purchased online like these drops of hypericum for 12 euros.

Morning anxiety: how to defeat it

There are very simple strategies that we can apply to defeat this unpleasant feeling that ruins the morning and the whole day. One of these is physical exercise. Simple but very effective. Many recommend stretching like cats, stretching and taking a few minutes to feel the body as it reactivates. In this way you get out of bed with a much calmer soul, you get rid of anxiety and you go on loaded and more serene.

Even one bad organization, in working life or not, it can cause morning anxiety in the long run and it is therefore good to try to make clear and precise lists and programs, so that every day does not seem like an adventure full of unknowns and unscheduled commitments that can take us by surprise.

The third strategy against morning anxiety is the Positive thought. Nothing ethereal and zen but the awareness that there are many in the present positive things you can count on. The fact is, we often forget about it by focusing on the problems. It can help us to spread out a list of the good things of the day. In a diary, on a Social, on a Bullet Journal.

Morning anxiety: symptoms

Who suffers from anxiety in the morning he knows what it means: waking up with your heart in your throat, sometimes sweaty and panting. Experiencing negative emotions such as excessive fear, apprehension and worry, even chest pains and shortness of breath.

Between classic symptoms of morning anxiety include colitis, headache, stomach cramps, neck pain, sense of slip. The prevailing symptom, however, is profound mid-morning fatigue, caused byhigh energy consumption produced by the same anxiety.

Morning anxiety and nausea

Another symptom of anxiety can be nausea. It happens especially to those who already suffer from nausea when they are particularly nervous and a who unleashes emotions and tensions on the stomach.

Morning anxiety and diarrhea

There diarrhea it is not a frequent symptom of morning anxiety and usually occurs in really extreme cases and in people already prone to having bowel problems. Symptoms more classic are tiredness, nervousness, irritability and constant haste.

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