Pasteurization and sterilization

Pasteurization and sterilization

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There pasteurization it is a treatment that can be carried out on various foods, not only on milk, not only on beer, although perhaps these two are the cases in which it is most likely to be heard. It is a heat treatment that serves to increase the storage time of the food subjected to it. This is possible by exploiting thebactericidal action heat which is able to deactivate enzymes and destroy most of the microorganisms present in the food. It doesn't kill them all, some forms still manage to survive, but most turn out eliminated during pasteurization.

Egg pasteurization

Sometimes when it comes to pasteurization of the eggs, it should be noted that this is a slightly different treatment than usual and the result is sweet and tasty, perfect for recipes such as tiramisu and chocolate salami. It is necessary to whip the eggs with the sugar and prepare them separately sugar syrup to cook until reaching 121 ° C.

After pouring it syrup in the container with the eggs, continue to whisk until the mixture has cooled. In this way the heat of the syrup pasteurizes the eggs to be used safely in desserts. An alternative to classic pasteurization is that made in a water bath.

Beer pasteurization

From food to food, the pasteurization procedure changes. What changes is both the duration and the temperature, and more. For beer it is expected a type of low pasteurization, from 30 minutes at temperatures between 60 and 65 ° C, similarly happens with wine, lette and dairy products. IS' the pasteurization carried out in 2 or 3 minutes at 75-85 ° C is called high while the quick one lasts 15-20 seconds always with the same temperatures and is applied to various foods.

We can also find it referred to as HTST (high temperature liquid short time) and uses thin layer systems that allow homogeneous heating and ensure rapid reaching of the thermal center.

Pasteurization and sterilization

Between pasteurization and sterilization there is a big difference, based above all on the temperature. The first occurs below 100 degrees and destroys almost all vegetative forms (disinfection), the other process, however, to be effective, must take place at temperatures equal to or above 120 ° C and it also eliminates those more resistant forms, called sporogenous.

To invent the pasteurization was around 1860 a French chemist and biologist, Louis Pasteur, hence the name.

Milk pasteurization

The pasteurized milk you often hear it mentioned but not everyone delves into how and why and with what consequences. Of course, looking at the expiration dates some questions arise. Self UHT sterilized milk it also lasts three months, the fresh pasteurized one for 7 days only and must always be stored at temperatures no higher than 4 ° C. Once opened, it can be kept in the refrigerator for no more than two or three days.

To pasteurize other drinks other than milk, you can equip yourself with a professional pasteurizer to keep at home own and which also acts as a distributor, very useful and elegant in the kitchen. Equipped with tap, adjustable thermostat and overheating safety, a support grid for pots, on Amazon it can be purchased for 110 euros.

Jam pasteurization

Also there jam can be pasteurizedindeed, it is almost always so to remain preserved at best and for a long time. In this case, the pasteurization process is carried out by bringing the water in which the jar is immersed to a boil for at least an hour. It must then cool naturally at room temperature because thermal changes can lead to the breaking of the glass container.

After the pasteurization preserves, many recommend turning the jar upside down to better sterilize the lids.

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