Beauce Shepherd Dog

Beauce Shepherd Dog

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Beauce Shepherd Dog, not very well known but delightful in character and also in appearance. It is an intelligent animal, has a strong character but is a perfect guardian who grows fond of and defends his master. It is of French origin and in Italy it is not yet widespread.

Beauce shepherd dog: character

Smart and lively, it is not always very obedient and if provoked by other dogs, it can also become aggressive, so it is good to educate it immediately. In this way the Beauce shepherd dog he can be a loyal and peaceful but effective watchdog.

It is not his only possible use, that of guardian, because he is also able and knows how to be an excellent herd conductor, defending it. In sports, he is a champion of Agility, IPO, SCH, RING, MONDIORING, in some countries, certainly in France, it is used also for public order, in civil protection and as a guide for the blind.

Harlequin Beauce Shepherd Dog

That harlequin is one of the versions allowed by the standard together with those black and black and tan. The Harlequin Beauce Sheepdog has a split coat in equal parts gray and black speckled or more black than gray with markings positioned as in the version two-tone black-tan. In particular, the harlequin has the fact that he can have the wall eye.

This breed is also nicknamed Bas rouge because it has red spots on its legs, it is also recognizable by its “shepherd” expression: never evil, nor fearful, nor restless. The head is large and flat, the stop slightly accentuated and the snout never pointed, with a black truffle.

The eyes have a slightly oval shape and are always dark, at most hazel, only the harlequin ones can have them gazzuolo. The body of the Beauce Sheepdog it is harmonious and agile, it ends with a long tail that ends at the bottom in the shape of a "J".

Black and tan Beauce shepherd dog

The other one variety of color, in addition to the all black one, is the black and fire one. In this case there is a very strong black color with “squirrel red” tan markings in precise positions defined by the breed standards. For example above the eyes, in the lower part of the muzzle, on the chest, at the throat, under the tail. The markings also arrive on the feet.

Beauce shepherd dog: breeding

This dog also said "Beauceron" it is of French origin, coming from the ancient province of Beauce, and is still bred in France more than anywhere else.

It belongs to the Group 1 of the F.C.I. (Sheepdogs and Cattle Dogs, excluding Swiss Cattle Dogs) and in France it is considered the national breed, known as Bas Rouge since the 17th century. In Italy it is not bred in many areas, it is said that it derives as a breed from the bog dog.

Beauce shepherd dog: puppies

From large they become large in size, even 70 cm high at the withers, to weigh 40-50 Kg. As puppies they are certainly smaller but always with a proportionate and not minute physique, with short and strong hair, with dense and fine undercoat.

From an early age, these dogs have to get used to doing physical activity and training, have a guardian spirit and need to be outside a lot. Before buying a puppy of this breed it is best to make sure you have the space to keep it and understand, from his own pedigree, if you are at risk of dysplasia.

Beauce shepherd dog: price

A healthy puppy with a good pedigree it can cost over 600 euros. Rustic and accustomed to harsh climates and herding conditions, this dog is not subject to serious diseases and does not require special care but must be trained a lot and must be educated with passion and ability. It is not a suitable dog for any owner.

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