Economy with low environmental impact in Paris

Economy with low environmental impact in Paris

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Economy with low environmental impact, an ever-current topic, but it will be even more so from 12 to 14 December 2017 for those attending the meeting in Paris "World Efficiency Solutions". It will be held at the “Porte de Versailles”, it will be an unmissable three-day event for those who want to invest in a greener future, money and ideas.


This World Efficiency Solution Paris 2017 was organized ad hoc, and not in any city, so that investors with a strong propensity for environmental issues can see, explore and learn about solutions to improve the current state of the Economy with low environmental impact. There will be proposals from all over the world.

Low environmental impact economy after COP21

It is precisely on the occasion of the COP21 that was created World Efficiency Solutions by Reed Expositions France so that an international event dedicated to the low environmental impact economy existed and was replicated with constancy and commitment.

The goal is to support the protagonists of COP21 so that they can support the commitments made in the context of2030 Agenda (Sustainable Development Goals) and the Paris Agreement.

World Efficiency Solutions: what it is

In concrete terms, it is a question of regularly and efficiently creating opportunities to meet to accelerate the implementation of low environmental impact economic projects, also ensuring that the best solutions are shared to multiply the benefits obtained in individual cases.

From this year World Efficiency Solutions it is even more active and effective, thanks also to the digital device ('Online') it relies on and the planned events, including the one in Paris in December.

The online platform, an international community, WEConnect, is the virtual "place" where we can connect projects and tools to realize them and become really useful for companies convinced they want to commit to a Economy with low environmental impact.

Before the meeting of Paris the agenda includes that of Bonn, during the COP23, from 14 to 16 November, one of which La Galerie by WE, in association with World Climate Summit 2017, will address issues related to finance and possible public / private partnerships aimed at implementing climate projects, also with contributions
national (NDC).

World Efficiency Solutions of Paris

In December, those who believe inEconomy with low environmental impact in Paris it will meet, from 12 to 14 December, for the World Efficiency Paris 2017. On this occasion it will be held a summit of decision makers with debates and conferences but also presentations of solutions!

In the three days in Paris it will be possible to admire proposals and innovative initiatives, including training, best practices replicable, linked to the ecological and energy transition. Those interested in playing a decisive role from an economic point of view in the economic and energy transition can already now decide to be present at the appointment and join, well before December 12, the community WE.

Among the names that have already joined and that will be a Paris in flesh and blood there are André Schneider, CEO of Geneva Airport, Alzbeta Klein, Director and Global Head / IFC Climate Business, Benoît Lebot, Executive Director / IPEEC, Andrea Bruschi, Director of the Milanese Metro Mobility Systems and many others.

World Efficiency Solutions in Paris: objectives and themes

Alla World Efficiency Solutions of Paris The low environmental impact economy will be addressed from many points of view, it will be divided into different strands in order to obtain more targeted solutions without wasting energy. Five macro-areas have been identified.

Clean and accessible energy, Responsible production and consumption, Sustainable cities and territories, Infrastructure and green mobility and Management of natural resources. In each of them there are objectives, strategies and the desire to find solutions together to share in the community.

World Efficiency Solutions Paris 2017: how to get there

To physically reach the community that will gather in Paris, once you have registered for the three days, you can take the Metro, line 12, to Porte de Versailles, or 8, to Balard station, or take buses 39 or 80 always for Porte de Versailles. Always alternative with public transport is that of the tram, both T2 and T3
arrive at their destination.

Those who prefer to take the car will find 3 nearby car parks, the reference airport is Charles de Gaulle one hour away by RER and metro. To better locate yourself, here is a map.

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