How to save gas while driving a car

How to save gas while driving a car

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How to save car gas: tips to save gas while driving an LPG or methane car. How How to save with LPG or methane cars.

In the article dedicated to the purchase of a new or used gas car, we have already analyzed the advantages and disadvantages of the respective power supplies a methane and LPG. We examined and compared:

  • LPG cost and methane cost
  • LPG yield and methane yield
  • performance and speed
  • cylinder overhauls and maintenance
  • duration and actual savings

For all the assessments to be made before purchasing, please refer to the page:better LPG or methane. On this page we will give you advice onhow to save with a methane or LPG car, regardless of thecostfuel because we will go to reduce car gas consumption.

How to save gas while driving a car

Forsave gas while driving a carpowered by LPG or CNG, roughly the same tips apply as for saving diesel and petrol fuel (how to save petrol) there is no shortage of ad hoc measures created for gaseous fuels such as LPG and Methane.

The first thing to do is take care of the car. Well-maintained is more efficient. For LPG, remember to change the filter every 20,000 km. Check the tire pressure at least once a month. An optimal pressure level decreases the friction with the road surface, minimizing consumption and avoiding the wear of the tires themselves.

Always fill up with fuel and, before refilling, wait for the car to go to reserve. This will allow you to travel with a lighter load ... yes, the weight you carry strongly affects fuel consumption. If you have any useless material in the hood, eliminate it, ditto for the roof rack ... if you haven't transported anything for months, you can lighten the vehicle by eliminating all the superfluous. A lighter car it consumes less gas.

Avoid parking with the engine running. If you go to the McDonald, for example, it is more convenient to park the car and consume the order inside the room rather than placing orders in the car. Even worse if you stop with the air conditioning on. The car's air conditioning affects fuel consumption.

Learn to drive in an ecological way, what does that mean? That you must avoid running and then brake abruptly. The guide to Fast and furiousit's very beautiful, electrifying… but it's American movie stuff! In reality, always respect the speed limit, slow down when approaching curves, STOPs and intersections so that you have to decelerate without stopping the vehicle abruptly. What happens when you brake? You waste gas! On the one hand, with acceleration, you told the carburetor to put methane into the engine. By braking, you have the car to stop and the methane already in circulation will have been unnecessarily burned. Learn to keep the right safety distance at all times in order to avoid sudden braking.

For the same reason, learn to downshift optimally. Going to 50 km / h with the first or second gear engaged means burning a lot of fuel. Get to know your car. User manual in hand, try to understand the value of the maximum torque of the engine at how many revolutions it will be exploited. Knowing this, you can better adjust the management of the gears.

In general it is true that the more you doaccelerate and burn more fuel, but this rule cannot ignore the management of the exchange.

Typically, the gear goesincreasedwhen the engine tachometer reaches 2,000 rpm. If you have a more advanced car, the control display itself will show you when to change gear ... well, when it tells you, do it! Otherwise, keep an eye on the engine rpm and once you have reached 2,000 rpm, increase the gear from time to time.

If you are traveling in mountain areas, deactivate thecruise controluphill. This command, on long uphill journeys, causes increased fuel consumption.

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