Lawn rolling, when and how to do it

Lawn rolling, when and how to do it

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How to roll the lawn: advice onrolling the lawn. Rolling after sowing and maintenance rolling to be carried out once a month.

Lawn maintenance work includes rolling. Those who want a perfect lawn should take care of every aspect of the turf. For someone thererollingit is an operation that is carried out only after sowing but there is nothing more wrong. Post-seeding rolling is only the first of many interventions byrollingto be performed on the lawn.

Why roll the lawn?

There rolling the lawn it can be an indispensable operation to be performed at different times of the year.

The rolling promotes a better tillering of the lawn with an optimal consistency of the turf.

There rollingit is essential after winter frosts and beyond. Experts advise toroll the lawnon a monthly basis in order to keep the lawn grass healthier and more intense green.

The first rolling of the lawn is done in spring

To keep the meadowin perfect health, in the coldest months of the year, when the frost hardens the ground, you should avoid stepping on the turf. Trampling is generally not recommended between January and February, when temperatures have dropped below freezing. Winter frost makes stems and leaves brittle and damages the soil.

An absolutely important period for the health of the meadow it is that of the vegetative restart, because nature awakens from winter rest and in order to restart the new vegetative year it is necessary to create the ideal conditions.

After the severe winter colds it is possible that the turf may be raised in some points precisely due to the action of frost, it is in these circumstances that it is essential to rolling the lawn.

In March, before making the first cut of the summer, it might be useful to carry out the rolling the lawn.

The first rolling of the year aims to compact the clods. In some circumstances it is necessary to roll the soil even before sowing. The lawn with sowing in spring, in fact, could be hosted in soils that are worked, but now damaged by frost. It is in these cases that therollingis also recommendedbefore sowing.

Thererolling, then, it must be carried out on a monthly basis and undoubtedly when the lawn has undergone patches or re-sowing.

When to taxi the lawn

As stated, there are many professional gardeners who recommendroll the lawn once a month, especially during humid periods (spring and early autumn). The roller should be filled with water so that it is not too heavy. The operations ofrolling the lawnthey must be interrupted in the cold months of the year and in the hottest months.

Then you will have to roll the lawn in the months of March, April, May and June (only in the North). After the summer break, taxiing starts again in the months of September, October and November (only in the South).

With particularly hot climatic trends, in southern Italy it is possible to proceed with the rolling the lawn already in February.

In short, as you will understand, a lot depends on the climate! In areas with a continental climate and in general in all mountain areas, the rolling the lawn it can be practiced at the end of March. In areas with a Mediterranean climate, one can proceedrolling the lawn early only if the winter was particularly cold with severe frosts.

How to roll the lawn

There rolling the lawn it is carried out by passing on the grass surface a roller relatively heavy.

On the market there are rollers of variable dimensions. For a meadowsmall in size, just a roller with a width between 50 and 60 cm. A roller 80-100cm wide is recommended for a larger lawn.

There rolling the lawn allows the turf "raised”To approach the ground again.

Roll the lawnit's that simple. Just fill the container roller (and compressor!) With water up to the maximum load. The roller must be passed over the surface of the lawn or the seedbed.

When NOT to roll the lawn and ground

Rolling in ideal conditions is recommended but our soil is not always placed in ideal conditions.

There rolling the lawn it is not always advisable. In the case of clayey soils and with stagnant water, roll the lawn it is highly not recommended to avoid dangerous soil compaction.

If in March there are abundant rains, in order not to compact the soil and prevent the air from circulating inside, it is even recommended not to step on the turf excessively until the first warmth of spring.

There rolling the lawn, as well as the pressure exerted by the feet, causes a lack of oxygen in the soil which can, in turn, cause asphyxiation and yellowing of the grass. Really unsightly for a turf.

Mosses on the lawn

Sometimes, when the rolling the lawn, it may be necessary to eradicate mosses. The strong humidity and the particularly compact soil could give rise to the presence of mosses.

To remove moss from the lawn, iron sulphate mixed with sand or dissolved in water can be spread in order to acidify the soil. In these circumstances, it will be necessaryroll the lawnafter resowing.

Lawn roller, where to find it

A good roller for the lawn it can be purchased at a price ranging from 50 to 100 euros. At trade fairs or at classic flea markets, you can find rollers for the lawn also used at lower prices.

Who does not feel like walking around garden centers, nurseries and agricultural consortia,can take advantage of online trading. On Amazon, a professional roller can be bought at a price of 61.48 euros with free shipping costs. For all information on the roller recommended I refer you to the official product page: Einhell BG-GR 57.

By Leroy Merlin, a rollera little smaller than the one indicated, you can buy it at a price of 69 euros. The Leroy Merlin Roller is called Geolia and is 45 cm lake against the 57 cm of therollerEinhell reported earlier.



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