Bull Terrier Miniature: breeding and price

Bull Terrier Miniature: breeding and price

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Miniature Bull Terrier is the small version of the Bull Terrier, in fact, but dismissing this dog in this way is a shame. In fact, its more modest dimensions do not detract from the power of his character, is a breed that must be told and known and not confused.

Bull Terrier Miniature: characteristics

The physique of this dog is robust and watertight, its limbs are not very long but have a rounded and very strong bone, the body is covered with muscles even if the feet are reminiscent of those of a cat. The thing of the Miniature Bull Terrier it is short, thick at the base but shrinks, remains horizontal except when the dog is particularly happy.

Long and deep, the head has no stop, the skull is flat and the black truffle, the teeth are complete and the mandible has the classic scissor bite, the ears are small, they are barely seen, the eyes are always dark and almond shaped.

The mantle of the Miniature Bull Terrier it is hard to the touch, short and shiny, usually White but there are also specimens with fur fawn or brindle, or tricolor: black, white and fawn.

Bull Terrier Miniature: breeding

The first farms of Miniature Bull Terrier they are quite recent and not very widespread, at least in our country: this dog is of English origin and it is there that it is most widespread. There however, the genesis of this breed begins in the 19th century when the need arose to create a new type of dog that is more agile and dynamic in fighting.

By mixing Bulldog and some Terriers, the "Bull and Terrier", Then mixed in second place with the" White English Terrier ", the Dalmatian and other breeds obtaining the Bull Terrier of which today we know the modern version. Still years later, finally, here is the reduced version of this Bull Terrier that has taken the nickname of "miniatures".

Bull Terrier Miniature: character

Although small, this dog is courageous and determined, distrustful of strangers but very affectionate with his family and people with whom he enters into confidence. The training is easy, he obeys and has a calm nature. If he is bred on purpose, he is also capable of being a guard dog but in general he prefers to be a pet and house animal.

Bull Terrier Miniature: puppies

Puppies born in this era do not know and do not have the slightest suspicion that they were born as fighting dogs: they feel and want to be a companion and in case of need also as a guard. With puppies it is important to pay attention to the diet so that they grow up with a robust but at the same time not obese physique.

Bull Terrier Miniature: price

A puppy of Miniature Bull Terrier healthy and with a good pedigree it can cost from 700 euros more. The defects that most frequently afflict this breed are incorrect movements, oversized body, lack of premolars, deviated jaw, monorchidism and too short tail.

Bull Terrier Miniature: weight

We finally reveal the weight of the Miniature Bull Terrier which must not exceed 9 Kg to comply with the standard. It is and remains a small animal but with heavy muscles and bones, no more than 35.5 cm, otherwise it is no longer miniatures.

Miniature Bull Terrier and similar breeds

The Miniature Bull Terrier is also called a dwarf and is not very different from the Bull Terrier of normal size especially in character. And in fact we are dealing with a dog that is defined by many as "the gladiator of the canine race ". Even small, but especially if he is large, this dog is brave but calm at the same time and is a rare gift. The other Bulls aren't that peaceful. This is why the Bull Terrier is also recommended for families with children because it knows how to manage itself and does not transform grit into aggression.

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