Homemade sorbets

Homemade sorbets

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Homemade sorbets: recipe without ice cream maker (for handmade sorbets) and advice for choosing and using the sorbet.

Homemade sorbets without ice cream maker

Let's start with the simplest recipe, that oflemon sorbet. By replacing the 5 dl of lemon juice with orange juice, you can obtain an orange sorbet.

Let's see immediately how to make sorbet without ice cream maker.


  • 300 g of sugar
  • 3 dl of water
  • 5 dl of lemon juice
  • a little lemon zest

In a saucepan, over low heat, melt 300 g of sugar with 3 dl of water and a little lemon zest.

Let the mixture cool and, only when it is at room temperature, add the lemon juice.

Filtered, leave in the freezer and stir every 3 hours until the homemade sorbet it will not have become creamy.

Homemade fruit sorbets

The ice cream maker, unlike the ice cream maker, takes up little space and is far cheaper. An ice cream maker allows you to preparefruit sorbetsin a short time.

If you have been planning to buy a juicer for making fruit and vegetable juices at home for some time, then this is the best time. Many of the extractors on the market have a plastic adapter that transforms the appliance into a splendid sorbet maker.

In this paragraph we will see how to make sorbets with a juice extractor or with an ice cream maker.

How to make a sorbet with an ice cream maker or extractor

Just insert the frozen fruit into the tool and place a bowl near the exit hole to collect the sorbet obtained.

How to make a creamy sorbet?
The fruit must be frozen, but it must be taken out of the freezer about 15 minutes before use, the sorbet that comes out is creamy but to obtain a resultideal I recommend adding yogurt or cream.

I personally made a lot of sorbets with my juicer (the Panasonic MJ-L500 Slow Huicer) and the best results came when I started adding yogurt or cream to the fruit. Of course, fruit can also be added natural, the mixture will be the samevelvety.

Buying an extractor just to make sorbets is not worth it at all. A sorbet maker can be bought with a budget of 50 euros, while for a good extractor you have to invest at least 150 euros. Then, before purchasing, make sure it also has the ability to process frozen fruit for the production of fruit sorbets. The product I mentioned and which I use is thePanasonic MJ-L500and can be bought on Amazon with 149 euros. For all the info:Panasonic MJ-500.

Another extractor capable of making sorbets is the Kenwood PureJuice shown in the photo above. It's cheaper.

Banana and blueberry sorbet recipe (pictured below)

Place a banana cut into small pieces and the blueberries in the freezer. When they are hard (but not completely frozen), remove them and mix the fruit with 4 tablespoons of Yogurt (or whipped cream).

Place the mixture in the juice extractor or sorbet maker and, with a bowl, collect your sorbet.

Sorbet maker

Among the sorbet making machines on the market, we point out theSorbet Makerof Aries. We reported this product for its excellent value for money and for the positive opinions of users who have already had the opportunity to test it firsthand.

The Ariete Sorbet Maker machine has been described as easy to use, comfortable, compact (takes up little space), effective and above all easy to clean. Among the advantages that we of the editorial staff ofIdeeGreen.itthere are low consumption: the machine, in peaks of use, comes to consume a maximum power of only 200 watts.

The machine in question can be bought at a price of 39.99 euros with free shipping.

Tips for doing thesweeter sorbet:
to obtain a sweeter sorbet, before freezing the fruit, cut it into pieces and dip each piece of fruit in granulated sugar. Freeze each piece of fruit well soiled with sugar.

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