IdeasGreen B Corporation certified!

IdeasGreen B Corporation certified!

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IdeeGreen is a certified B Corporation!

With great pleasure and satisfaction we have successfully completed the certification process as B Corporation, an achievement that confirms the priority of IdeeGreen S.r.l. in operating at all company levels as a company founded on proven criteria of Ethical Management and with concrete objectives in the context of activities with social value and aimed at protecting the environment.

Out of a total of over 5 million companies active in Italy to date, only just over 50 have obtained a certification as B Corporation: we are therefore proud to be part of this small group and available to support any Italian companies interested in knowing more about the path certification.

What is a certified B Corporation

A Certified B Corporation (or B Corp) is a new type of company that voluntarily meets the highest standards of purpose, accountability and transparency.

The B Corp go beyond the goal of profit and innovate to maximize their positive impact on employees, the communities in which they operate and the environment. In this way, entrepreneurial activity is transformed into a regenerating force for society and for our planet.

How to become a certified B Corporation

The certification process begins with a Online assessment in which they must be provided to the certifying body B Lab detailed information about your company in five areas:

  • Environment
  • Workers
  • Customers
  • Community
  • Governance

In relation to the complexity of a company and the availability of the various information requested, the completion of the assessment can take between 2 and 4 hours.

Once the assessment is complete, you will receive a score generated based on the answers to the individual questions. Each answer can have a different weight and therefore contribute in different ways to the assignment of points. The minimum score to be achieved in order to continue the certification process is 80 points and on average the companies that complete the assessment for the first time obtain a score of around 52 points.

If you do not reach 80 points, it is necessary to take concrete actions to exceed this threshold, otherwise the certification process cannot be continued.

In the event that the minimum score is reached or exceeded, the answers and the application are examined by the B Lab certifiers who, once the verification has been completed, contact the applicant company to begin the assessment review which takes place with a phone call of about 2 hours during the which all the answers provided are analyzed in detail and in which the contact person of the candidate company must provide satisfactory answers to prove what has been declared.

The B Lab certifier sends the candidate company a list of documents to be submitted via the web, necessary to prove the answers sent and if all goes well, certification is obtained.

Our IdeeGreen Srl got in this first year a score of 97 which is shown, with the details of the individual items available to all, in page dedicated to us on the official website of B Corp.

Declaration of Interdependence of B Corporations

The obligations signed by the B Corporation include the acceptance of the "Declaration of Interdependence"Which I report below:

It is essentially a commitment of the B Corp company to operate ethically with the aim of guiding entrepreneurial activity to ensure a positive social impact, acting responsibly and collaborating with its partners, customers and suppliers to ensure a better world for future generations.

B Corporation on the media

For a more complete picture, I also point out the Report service which also talked about B Corporation (from 15'30 "of the video) and how a new category of entrepreneurs capable of combining a fair profit with well-being is being born. social. Here is the link to the video available on the RAI website.

The video that explains in two minutes what a B Corporation is

The "philosophy" of the B Corporations, their goals and some examples in the official presentation video of 2 minutes and 15 seconds:

Video: ABH Webinar Series 1: The Hybrid Entrepreneur - Merging Social Impact u0026 Business - Ashesi X ANPI (July 2022).


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