Food biodiversity: meaning

Food biodiversity: meaning

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Food biodiversity, to be kept as much as the animal one even if at times it makes less noise and we less notice when we are losing it. Yet this is what happens: in the last 50 years, about 300,000 plant varieties have disappeared from the Earth. Putting under threatens food biodiversity we also do harm to ourselves and to all animals. Today the varieties that man grows are tremendously fewer than in the past, a few dozen hybrids and crosses run who have been "selected" for their performances and to feed an increasingly hungry and pretentious humanity. This happens at the expense of other forms of life that, placed in a corner by this very selfish and anthropocentric logic, risks disappearing.

Food biodiversity: meaning

When we talk about biological diversity or biodiversity we mean the set of different characteristics of living organisms of all origins, in our case, if we restrict the concept to the food sector, we consider many "edible" plants and trees and fruits in a broad sense.

There food biodiversity it is to be understood as a precious genetic heritage to be preserved and defended. Contemplate both what is achieved through agriculture, either through breeding.

Agri-food biodiversity

In the field agri-food In recent decades, a strong process of technological homologation has taken place which, on the one hand, has increased production, on the other hand collapse in the number of varieties of plants grown.

To get an idea, let's think about how about 30 plants cover 95% of the world's nutritional needs. It seems impossible and yet it is, due to intensive agriculture that has "retired" many "ancient" seeds to make room for specially created hybrids to withstand chemical treatments and keep up with the pace demanded by the large-scale food trade.

Food biodiversity: fair

There are many fairs dedicated to food biodiversity but they are never too many, to remind you how important it is to continue growing with traditional seeds, not only because "historical memory" but also because it is suitable for the most diverse environmental conditions.

The continuous and sometimes even exaggerated use of chemical treatments in agriculture has shown some disadvantages, the number of parasitic diseases linked to viruses, bacteria and fungi and when seeds from other environments were introduced, viruses and bacteria also arrived with them that upset thelocal ecological balance.

Food biodiversity in Sicily

In Sicily last April 2017 there was the third edition of the Mediterranean Biodiversity Fair at the Palermo Botanical Garden. This event is an opportunity to show and learn about the food and wine and food excellences of the Sicilian tradition closely linked to food biodiversity.

Every year this fair attracts food companies, producers and "agrifood" growers from the Mediterranean area, public bodies and the world of research, with the aim of networking and protecting the typical products Mediterranean diet, already Unesco heritage since 2010.

Food biodiversity in Puglia

Even in Puglia we have food biodiversity at heart and the first was organized last May Apulian Biodiversity Week with over forty dedicated events including conferences, presentations of new books, seminars, guided tours in exemplary fields, photographic and pomological exhibitions, workshops and tastings.

Food biodiversity: recipes

Once food biodiversity has been defended, it can be tasted in the recipes suggested in the book "Macaroni water and flour. 90 recipes of a renewed food culturee ”can also be purchased on Amazon for 12 euros, written by Gino Girolomoni.

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