Japan develops an environmentally friendly ecological battery

Japan develops an environmentally friendly ecological battery

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A Japanese company, Nippon Telegraph & Telephone (NTT), developed an ecological battery with natural components that do not harm the environment, even if it is disposed of in the ground.

The new battery is made from components found in fertilizers and natural elements so that they can "return to the ground" safely, unlike conventional batteries, which include rare metals that are difficult to recycle or polluting zinc alloys , NTT explained in a statement

Among the tests carried out to verify its safety, the company proceeded to bury fragments of the piles in pots with soil and plants in different proportions (from 0.25 to one gram). The results were negative, the normal growth of the plants was not affected.

NTT will continue researching to achieve standards to be able to commercialize this green battery that still has limited capacity.

The company specialized in communications will carry out a demonstration of the new technology next Thursday, during a research and development forum that it will organize between February 22 and 23.

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