The car of the future: electric and autonomous, but what will it be like?

The car of the future: electric and autonomous, but what will it be like?

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A self-driving electric car may not be taking you to heaven anytime soon, but one day it could start to look like the flying car from The Jetsons, covered in a glass bubble and with no hood, the hallmark of today's cars. they run on gasoline.

The key to the game-changing technology is the electric motor - a relatively simple and compact powertrain that allows manufacturers to dispense with the hood and the ample space needed underneath for a large internal combustion engine, a cooling device. engine, and a complex transmission gear.

When that engine technology is combined with advances in autonomous vehicles, the car not only no longer needs the hood, but also what the industry calls hard-core zones.

The result: the shift from the electric vehicle could usher in the bubble or capsule-shaped car like the one popularized in the futuristic 1960s animated comedy The Jetsons.

Emissions will disappear and accidents will be history

Equipped with second-generation batteries that double their current capacity (up to 60 kWh) and allow them to travel 300 to 400 kilometers without recharging. They can now cover the daily commute of 90% of drivers, even if they live far away, and solve any unforeseen commutes or emergencies that may arise. And although these distances are not yet sufficient to make long-distance trips, they allow to eliminate the stress and burden that the fear of running out of battery caused until now.

“It's definitely the next step, especially if you envision an accident-free world with fully functional autonomous vehicle technology. If cars never crashed, the most efficient form of personal mobility could be a glass bubble. "

The times change

If we go back to the 1920s, automobiles - especially luxury cars - tended to have long hoods, like the Tesla Model S today. But that is about to change.

At the Detroit Auto Show in January, Infiniti unveiled a concept car whose styling tends toward the not-so-distant future in which most vehicles will be electric.

The Q Inspiration Concept car, which is also shown these days at the Beijing Auto Show, has a shorter bonnet, a coupe-shaped roofline and the interior space of a Sport Utility Vehicle (SUV), despite of being a saloon.

The Daimler AG brand of Mercedes-Benz has also shown a concept car called the F015, whose wheels are close to the bumpers and a wide interior space under an incredible roof that arches like a rainbow.

Forced in part by stringent fuel economy requirements and other regulations, manufacturers around the world, especially in China, are scrambling to develop electric vehicles in a wide range of prices.

Meet the urban car project that is already operating in Singapore:

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