Nestlé: the water business is unnecessary and must end

Nestlé: the water business is unnecessary and must end

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Vittel's mineral water is making headlines: Nestlé draws 750 million liters a year in Vittel, France, and locals will soon be without drinking water. In the future, tap water for the inhabitants of Vittel will have to be brought from a neighboring village, to a city whose fame lies in its water!

Nestlé's business is completely unsustainable. Vittel's groundwater level is dropping 30 centimeters per year and has dropped by 10 meters. The region's water deficit amounts to 800 million liters a year, the approximate amount that Nestlé currently pumps.

Vittel's water is shipped hundreds or even thousands of miles for consumption, most to rich countries where tap water is equal to or better in quality than any water you can buy in a plastic bottle.

There is simply no excuse for damaging the environment in this way as the bottled water business is doing.

Tell Nestlé to get out of the water business RIGHT NOW. Sign the petition.

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Video: The Inner Workings of a Bottled Water Plant (July 2022).


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